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Start a Gem Stone collection

Updated on September 8, 2012

I am Bored with Life, Start a Gems Collection

You may be familiar with gemstones, they are natural crystals and are very beautiful stones which can be found in jewellery. There are also many varieties of gemstones to choose from, so many in fact that it can be an excellent way to start a gemstone collection.

Gemstones can be found in jewellery, but they are cut and polished when they are set in a nice pair of earrings. They are also very beautiful in their natural form and can become a beautiful collection when you have a nice variety of stones.

Most museums house a gemstone collection, if you are considering starting a gemstone collection then you may want to consider going to a museum to learn more about gemstones and it can help you get started.

If you want to get started with your own collection, then search for your nearest mineral gemstone store. There are plenty of stores that specialize in gemstones, they will also have plenty of information on gemstones, so it will be worth visiting a store as they may have starter packs that can kick start your gemstone collection. Don't bother going to jewellery stores, they will only have the gemstones inserted into pieces, they don't specialise in the original gemstones.

Get a gemstone book, by reading up on gemstones you will know in which direction you want your collection to go, there are so many different types of gemstone that once you know which ones you want to have next you can plan your collection and in which order you collect.

Once you have started your collection , you will need to put some thought in to how you store your gemstones. You could purchase a specialised storage box so that you can store them, if you have room, you can purchase specialised display cases to show off your gems. It does depend on your budget and how much storage space you have when you make this decision.

However you decide to store your gems, ensure that they are labelled. You can purchase or make little card labels to keep with your gemstones so that you can remember which ones they are. You will get used to your gems and remember them given time, but as your collection grows, it can be hard to keep track of all of the names.

If you want to meet like minded people, join your local gemstone club and go to the local mineral and gemstone fairs which are held throughout the country.

Keep to a budget, the price of gemstones can vary greatly and it is worth shopping around for each type of gemstone you want. Check the price of gemstones online and you may find that a black diamonds worth is priced differently in each store.

Have fun with your collection, there is no set way to collect. You decide on how you want it to grow and which types of stone you want to collect.

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