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State Of Decay: Breakdown Guide - How To Unlock "The Sniper" Challenge

Updated on February 13, 2014

The Sniper: Mickey Wilkerson

Completing The Sniper challenge unlocks Mickey Wilkerson. He is a powerhouse survivor with a unique gun and a special radio option.
Completing The Sniper challenge unlocks Mickey Wilkerson. He is a powerhouse survivor with a unique gun and a special radio option. | Source

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How To Complete "The Sniper" Challenge in State Of Decay: Breakdown

“The Sniper” challenge is perhaps one of the more difficult challenges to complete in “State Of Decay: Breakdown”. If you successfully manage to complete the challenge, you will unlock Mickey Wilkerson who not only comes kitted out with a unique rifle named after his brother, Eli, but he is also a powerhouse survivor. He also gives you access to a unique radio option called “Sniper” where he can take out zombies from afar. In order to complete “The Sniper” challenge, you need to perform 25 headshot streaks. You can get a headshot streak by getting five headshots in a row. Here is a text based guide that will allow you to unlock The Sniper fast and easy, and be sure to refer to the video guide at the bottom of this guide for a demonstration.

Step #1: How To Get a Headshot Streak

Getting a headshot streak simply involves you getting five headshots in a row. Do not underestimate this challenge, however, as there is much more to it than meets the eye. The five headshots have to be back-to-back, without taking a break. Basically, if you have five zombies chasing you, they have five heads. While running away from them, you have to quickly turn around, aim and get five headshots on those five zombies. If you are fast enough, you will get a message ping in the upper right corner telling you that you have got bonus XP for a headshot streak. This will be 1/25 towards The Sniper challenge. Rinse and repeat this as many times as needed.

Step #2: Best Places To Get Headshot Streaks

The best place to get a headshot streak is somewhere that has a large, open space so that you can run and gun a big group of zombies. The area formerly known as “The Grange” in the main storyline is arguably the best and most accessible location to farm headshot kills and subsequent streaks. Head to the grange, beep your horn or taunt to alert a lot of zombies, have plenty of snacks to restore your stamina and then finally, aim, shoot and kill. Make sure you have at least five zombies chasing you. Five headshots per clip then reload, rinse and repeat. Refer to the demonstration in the video below if you want an exact, down to the detail visual aid.

Example of a Successful Headshot Streak

Survivor K.C Winters using "Focus Aim" at "The Grange" to get a Headshot Streak, which is five headshots in a row.
Survivor K.C Winters using "Focus Aim" at "The Grange" to get a Headshot Streak, which is five headshots in a row. | Source

Step #3: Best Survivors & Skills To Get Headshot Streaks

A sure-fire way to get fast and easy headshot kills and headshot streaks in State Of Decay: Breakdown is to use a hero who has the highest level in shooting. This will allow them to unlock an ability called “Focus Aim” which slows down time when you aim. This will help you select your target, shoot and get your headshot. Release focus aim and quickly enable it again an extra four times until the five zombies you have chasing you are dead. This will give you one streak. Again, rinse and repeat this 25 times until you have completed the challenge. Using a focus aim survivor is undeniably the fastest and easiest way to unlock The Sniper.

In Breakdown, Sgt. Erik Tan, who is unlocked by completing “The Sacrifice” challenge, which simply involves you killing a survivor with a petrol bomb equipped and then using it to go out in a blaze of glory, automatically joins your camp with maximum level shooting meaning you can get a focus aim survivor in the opening minutes of Breakdown level 1.

Are the rewards from The Sniper challenge worth the trouble?

The Sniper challenge truly is worth the effort. If you are a fan of 100% completion, then actually taking the time to unlock this survivor is essential. Not only that, Mickey Wilkerson is excellent when it comes to his survivability. Joining the survivors with the highest level in shooting, the ability to snipe zombies for you via the radio when you are not playing as him and the fact that he is a powerhouse, meaning he can become a flawless fighter and defender alike, then yes, in short, Mickey Wilkerson really is worth the trouble!

For what it’s worth, you can also take the time to unlock the other Wilkerson brothers, Eli and Job, if you want to add a little bit of a family atmosphere reminiscent of the main storyline. Sadly, you cannot move into The Wilkerson Family home, though.

Video Guide To Getting Headshot Streaks & Unlocking The Sniper


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      The Sniper Guy 23 months ago

      You press LB while you aim on xbox not sure what button for other systems. You have to have the ability to do so.

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      Beardy 2 years ago

      how to slow camera ?