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"Stealthy Hitman" Walkthrough

Updated on July 2, 2010

The following is a walkthrough to "Stealthy Hitman" a new online point and click action adventure game. Stealthy Hitman, while short, is a very good game with great animation and a decent story.


You begin this online game being briefed by an unknown source about a job they, reluctantly, need you to complete. You are tasked with killing a man, we'll call him the Rat, who is holed up in a shanty hotel room with his girlfriend. You only need to kill the Rat and find out everyone who he has racketeered, and are not supposed to kill his girlfriend. But, it is made clear that this can be done if necessary. You are also told to find out the names of his future customers if possible.

Be warned both the Rat and his girlfriend are armed and dangerous, and the room could be booby trapped as well. You are instructed to arrive just before they come back from dinner, set up the room, and perform the hit when possible.

I will tell you how to complete the game getting the best possible score.


Your only control in this game is the mouse. You must point and click on different items in the room to successfully complete your mission.


After a short animation, you begin in the hotel room facing the main door with 5 minutes to set things up before your hit arrives. Start looking around and notice you can turn the light switch on and off.

Turn to your right and you will be looking at a desk with a duffle bag to the right of it on the ground. Click the top zipper of the duffel bag to retrieve a silence and click the side pocket zipper to reveal a drawing.

The drawing basically has two equations on it: Girl + cake = briefcase and Girl + tattoo = Laptop. These come in handy later.

You must also open the bottom desk drawer and pick up the scalpel which you will need later.

Now turn to the right once more to see the window screen. Not much on this screen, just notice you can sit down in the chair and wait on them to arrive once you get the room set up correctly. Continue right to the bed screen.

There is a cabinet on the right which cannot be opened just yet, two pillows on the bed, and a clock on the wall. Click the right pillow to reveal a gun and pick it up. Now click the comforter under the left pillow to pull it back and retrieve the key.

You're now ready to wait on the couple, but be sure to turn off the light before sitting down. Otherwise, they will see you and won't come in causing you to fail.

Wait for the door to close and shoot the rat in the head. The girl will stand there stunned, switch to your hand and click on her to start a conversation.

When she asks who is there don't say your a detective, tell her "you must answer me some questions".

When she asks you what you want you can tell her to show you her I.D. or tell you her birthday. The I.D. is easier, look at it and remember the red number "1805".

Continue talking to her and ask if she has any tattoos and "which", she will tell you she has both a unicorn and a dragon tattoo.

You can now either kill her or let her leave quietly. To obtain a perfect score you must let her leave quietly.

Flip the light on and look at the Rat. He has a key in his extended hand that you need to pick up.

You can now go open the locker. But if you try to pick up the briefcase it will explode on you.

After opening the lock you must turn to the right, and click the arrow in front of the bathroom door. You will now have a better view of the briefcase and will be able to see the bomb attached to it.

Use you scalpel to cut the chord between the bomb and the briefcase.

Go to the briefcase and pick it up. It requires a four digit code. Girl + Cake(birthday)= Briefcase. The code is the girls birthday "1805".

Click on the lock in the top of the briefcase to open the zipper and get the "required" documents. You can now leave but we want to get a perfect score.

Click on the laptop to reveal a password prompt. Girl + Tattoo = Laptop. The password is either "unicorn" or "dragon". I'll let you figure that one out. Once entered, the laptop will read "Password correct! Data Viewed!"

You are now almost ready to leave. Last thing you need to do is turn back toward the chair you sat in and pick up the bullet casings that are on the ground.

Finally, click the main door handle to leave the room and receive your 100% success.

I think this game was great, I liked the fact that you could complete the mission in a few different ways, in true hitman fashion. Hope this walkthrough helped. If you haven't yet played this game you can find it below, also, if interested in some more online fun, check out the Great free puzzle games link.

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