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Getting a Nuke in Modern Warfare 2

Updated on June 16, 2010
Tactical Nuke
Tactical Nuke


In the new video game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 you can get a tactical nuke. What you need to get a tactical nuke is by getting a kill-streak of 25 or more. Getting a kill-streak of 25 means you have to kill a total of 25 enemies or more, why'll staying alive. It seems hard for new players, but with some gameplay and strategy you can, and will get a tactical nuke.

What is a tactical nuke

A tactical nuke is a very big, big bomb that ends the game. When you kill 25 or more enemies then you can call in your nuke, but there's a time wait of 10 seconds until it detonates. Before you call in your nuke you call in your kill streaks that you have set up. Kill streaks are rewards that you get to call in after getting a 7 kill streak, or an 11 kill streak. I will explain what they are and which ones to set up for you to get a tactical nuke, and the weapons you can use. A nuke pretty much just kills and destroys everything on a map, including you, so it counts as a death.

Green star that moves(emblem).
Green star that moves(emblem).
Radiation sign
Radiation sign

Rewards for a Nuke

When you call in a tactical nuke you get rewards, like titles and or emblems. Some of the titles you might get are Toxic, and MOAB. Toxic is when you are alive and a tactical nuke is incoming and you die from it (it kills you). MOAB is when you call in a nuke when your team it losing. Some emblems are a green star that moves, and a picture of a radiation sign. The star is for when you call in a nuke when your team is losing. Then the radiation sign is when you call in 10 nukes (not hard just takes time). It's not that hard to get Toxic, and if you have already gotten a nuke, and your team has won because of it(if your team was losing) then you should have MOAB, and the emblem with the star that moves. Now the radiation emblem seems hard to get, but with the strategies that i will show you, you will get it and by the time you now it you will be getting a nuke on every map (just kidding, who knows?).

Getting a tactical nuke

Getting Started(Kill Streak's)

First thing is first you will need your kill streaks set up. Now many people use a 7 kill streak, then an 11, followed by a nuke that's about the best way to get a nuke. Here are some ideas that you can set up, and the following are the best ways to get a nuke, so i recommend using them.

7 kill streak

  • Harrier Strike- is a plane that drops bombs on a location that you set it up on then it just hovers above the location, and shots its machine gun at enemies. Also it is very easy to shot it down with a stinger(rocket launcher), so one shot with it and it gone, but you can get a lot of kills if no one shots it down.


  • Attack Helicopter- It's a helicopter that flies around the map shooting it's machine gun at enemies. People can shot it out of the sky if they shot it before it enters the map, with one shot. If it enters the map then it can kill many people, as long as they don't shot 2 rockets at it, it shots out signal flares when one rocket is shot at it, then the second just destroyer's the helicopter. Very effective, but when i use it, it gets shot down quickly for some reason, but i have seen people rank up in kills with it.

11 Kill Streak

  • Chopper Gunner- You are the gunner of ahelicopter(gunner), and you just shot your machine gun at your enemies. It also shots out signal flares if someone is trying to shot you down, but still you can get shot down. What's good about the chopper is that you can just hold down the fire button and it will continuously fire on where you want it to fire on. Your enemies are in a red square, if they don't have cold blooded(weapon perk).


  • AC130- This is also a good kill streak, but every gun you use on it has to reload, like the best weapon 105mm cannon, which can kill a big group of enemies. It also has a mounted machine gun, and a 40mm bofors auto cannon which is some what fully automatic(shots 4-5 times then reloads). The good part from the AC130 is that it circles around the whole map and shots out 2 signal flares instead of only one, so it's hard for one person to shot it out of the sky, but it is possible. It lasts for 40 seconds, or until someone shots it down.

25 Kill Streak

  • Tactical Nuke- When you get this kill streak then you have pretty much just won the game for your team, unless you don't call it in, or in time before the game ends. The nuke kills and destroyes everything, and everyone on the map including yourself, but you get all the enemy kills and challenges, and emblems if you have gotten a lot of nukes(10). This is the last killstreak that you should have as your 3 killstreaks.


Game Map and Game Mode

Game Map-

When choosing the right game map for getting a nuke, you want to look at which type of gun you are using. When using the ACR you want to choose a medium or a long range map like Afghan, or Underpass. It all depends what type of weapon you are using if it's good at short, medium, or long range then you choose a map that is either a small, medium, or large map. The best map that is good to get a nuke would be Afghan, Terminal, Underpass, or High-rise.

Game Mode-

There are many game modes to choose from, but the smart one to choose would either be one with many players in it, like Ground War, or a mode with a lot of game time to play in, like headquarters. Either way you need time, and kills so choosing is up to the player that either needs less time, or needs a lot. If you can get kills easly then Ground war, but there are more people that will take your kills, but then there are more people to kill, so it weighs out. I think that demolition is best since there's a lot of time for you to get kills. 

Another Tactical Nuke

Best Weapons, secoundary weapons, perks, and attachments

Now setting up your weapons and gun attachments, and with the perks are the most important steps into getting a nuke. I'm going to show the top 4 classes, or weapon classes that should get you a nuke. The classes include perks, and gun attachments, the next 4 classes are the main weapons that people use to get a nuke, and th best game map, and mode to get a nuke in.

M4A1 Class

M4A1 Weapon
M4A1 Weapon

M4A1 Carbine

Intro. to the Weapon

  • The M4A1 Carbine(I call it the M4A1) is the most used weapon in Modern Warfare 2, and there's a reason for that. The M4A1 is an automatic weapon with low recoil so when you fire it, it doesn't move as much, so it's accurate. Each magazine holds up to 30 bullets and about 3-5 bullets can kill someone, but if you shot them in the head it might take you 1-3 bullets. The gun is good to use in a medium map(Terminal) since it fires better at a medium range, but good at close range also.

Weapon Attachments

  • Now the best gun attachment to the weapon would have to be either Red dot sight, or the Holographic sight depending on which one you are most comfortable with. Only use the sights if you need it, if you are better with the regular sight of the weapon then by all means. Now if you want to be all silent about it then go with the silencer, and if you are not going to use any sight then use the silencer. A silencer silences the bullets when they come out of the barrel, but they do reduce the bullet range by a little, not much.



Intro. to the Weapon

  • The ACR is an assault rifle that is perfect for long range maps, like Afghan. This weapon has zero recoil which means when you fire, your weapon won't move around as your firing. It's a perfect weapon for long to medium range maps, so good for getting a nuke. Another positive is that if you shot directly towards your enemy he will most like die, since your weapon won't be moving around as much. Each magazine holds 30 bullets, so use them wisely unless you are using scavenger, which then by all means spray your weapon(shot as many bullets at your enemies as you want). The ACR is a very accurate weapon, and when you fire at a long to medium range you will kill your enemy faster than any other weapon.

Weapon Attachments

  • For the ACR the best attachments for it would have to be some type of sight, if you are use to a sight on your weapon. Or heartbeat sensor, but not a silencer since the ACR is ideal for long to medium range maps, and adding a silencer will only reduce the damage of your bullets. The best would be some type of sight or heartbeat sensor so that you now where your enemies will be coming from.



Intro to the Weapon

  • The SCAR-H is another assault rifle that is used a lot by new modern warfare 2 players, so it's a loved weapon. This gun is perfect for long range maps, great accuracy, but very few ammo comes with the weapon. You will run out of ammo without scavenger, but then again reloading without sleight of hand might take a while, so either way it's best to have both perks for blue, but you can't. If you can't kill your enemy fast, without wasting bullets then get scavenger, but if you can conserve your ammo to last you then get slight of hand. In all the SCAR-H is a good weapon to use, except for low ammo.

Weapon Attachments

  • I mostly see people with extended magazines, or the silencer with this weapon, only because people run out of ammo quickly and because it's damage is still good even with the silencer. The iron sight on this weapon is okay, so without a sight on the weapon, it's still prettie good. You could also use the heartbeat sensor, only if you don't stick next to your team, if your away from any of your tem mates and your not sure if an enemy is coming around you.  



 Intro.  to the Weapon

  • The M16A4 shots burstes of 3 bullets at a time, so it's not a automatic weapon, but a semi-automatic/3 round burst. The weapon is great for medium to long range combat, like Terminal, or High-rise. It's got great accuracy, damage, and range, but it's a 3 burst weapon. You have push the trigger at least twice in order for at  least 6 bullets to come out and only 4 kills your enemy, just in case you miss. In all it's an okay weapon, but i usually like an automatic weapon, so that i don't have to continuously push the trigger.

Weapon Attachments

  • They say if you add the holograpghic sight to the M16A4 that the recoil is reduced so better accuracy. The silencer also works, but the holograpghic sight seems better, but then again you could also use the silencer, and just stick with the iron sight(gun sight withour attachment sight). I use the holograpghic sight, but if you want to be silent then use the silencer, or again you can use the heartbeart sensor.    

Secoundary Weapons

When choosing the best secoundary weapon you will need a sec. weapon that is slient, and fast. You will need the silencer as an attachment to the sec. weapon. A sec. weapon will have to shot fast so choose a machine pistol, with the silencer attached, but any machine pistol works best.

  • PP2000is like a machine gun but it was brought down to pistol size, and has great damage, accuracy, and mobility, but reloading is okay.
  • M93 Rafficait's a pistol that shots out like a machine gun. Same with the PP2000 it has good damage, accuracy, mobility, but has better reloading speed.
  • TMPit is kinda the same as the PP2000 except it's smaller and has a bit less damage as the rest of the machine pistols, but everything else is same compared to the M93 Raffica, and the PP2000.   

Funny Swedish Guy Getting Nuke

Weapon Perks

When setting up your perks there are 3 slots that you have to choose from, there's the blue slot, red, then followed by the green slot.

Slight of Hand
Slight of Hand

Blue Slot

  • The best perks to choose from the blue slot are either scavenger OR slight of hand. Scavenger is a perk that picks up supplies from dead bodies, but it is best to get pro scavenger(more supplies). Now slight of hand is faster reloading which is good to use when a lot of enemies are round and you need to reload fast to kill them all, also you should get pro- pro for all your perks is best since it's better to have. Now scavenger is best since you will run out of bullets as you get kills, unless you can conserve your ammo wisely.

Stopping Power
Stopping Power

Red Slot

  • For the red slot you should either pick from cold bloodedOR stopping power, depending if you want to be found or if you can't kill someone quickly. Pro is best for everything i tell you in perks, so get it in pro, but without is okay to. Cold blooded is a perk that makes you undetectable to an enemy UAV, air support, sentry guns, and thermal scopes, so i recommend in using it. Stopping power adds more damage to your bullets so if you can't kill your enemy fast then it's best to use it, you should use cold blooded if trying to get a nuke, since your enemies are going to try to find you, only when your like 20 and 0(20 kills, and 0 deaths).


Green Slot

  • Now for the last perk class, the best would be ninja(pro). The reason for this is because ninja makes you invisible to enemy heartbeat sensors. when you get pro(which is best) then it reduces the sound of your footsteps, which makes it harder for your enemy to find you. Now all the other perks for the green class seem pointless when trying to get a nuke, like last stand(crawling on the ground and in a few seconds you die). Then there's stead aim, not needed for most weapons except for sniper rifles. The last couple are sitrep(shows enemy explosives in brighter color), scrambler(scrambles enemy radar), and then commando(melee reaches further towards enemy). With ninja you will be 75% invisible, but you can still be seen face to face.


25 kill streak

Which weapon is best for getting a nuke?

See results

Another Nuke video


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    • Eddy2106 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      Entourage_007 thanks for the comment i'll check out your hub as soon as i can.

      Derek1 that's true, the attack helicopter seems to be shot down very quickly, and i have mistaken the pave low for the chopper gunner.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks. This is definitely a great reference.

      I'm also gonna have to say that the Harrier is much more effective than the Attack Helicopter. Not only do you get an airstrike with it, but it seems like it gets more kills. The only advantage of the chopper is that some might think it's a pavelow, in which they will assume it is more difficult to shoot down.

    • Entourage_007 profile image


      9 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      Great hub, I also wrote a hub on Modern Warfare 2 but it was about how to beat the Juggernauts on Veteran.

    • Eddy2106 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      Justin thanks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice review this helped a lot


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