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Beyblade Storm Pegasis (Storm Pegasus) & Ray Unicorno Beyblade

Updated on January 5, 2014

Storm Pegasus or Storm Pegasis (Japanese Version)

Storm Pegasus is one of the most powerful attack type beys, but has poor stamina and defense. His stats are 15 stars for attack, 3 stars for defense and 2 stars for stamina. His fusion wheel Storm has a sleek and cool design, and is built mostly for attack. However, Storm Pegasis’ Rubber Flat tip gives it aggressive spin. The energy ring for Pegasis is translucent and uneven. I noticed when it spun, part of a yellow area changed height and went down again until it stopped spinning. Just like other attack type beys, Storm Pegasus does look attractive and powerful, but I would recommend exchanging minor parts such as the spin track to improve its stamina.

Metal Fusion Beyblade: Storm Pegusis 105RF
Metal Fusion Beyblade: Storm Pegusis 105RF

Storm Pegusis in the Battles

Storm Pegasis relies on physical power to smash the opponent with constant attacks, finishing off with a special move. It is, however, capable of dodging assaults from the opponent. It has beaten many strong opponents such as Thermal Pisces, and Burn Fireblaze by using its “bladders spirit”, so named by Ginga Hagane. In many situations, this is a last resort during a battle that isn’t in favor of Pegasus. In episode 39, Ginga challenges Phoneix, (actually his dad), to a rematch. He had once lost to him, and vowed to quit beyblading if he lost again. Using the strength it found when fighting its friends, Pegasus beats Phoneix easily at the end.

Storm Pegasus' Special Fighting Tactics

Since Pegasus has very low stamina and defense, switching the metal wheel with a defense type one will stop it from hitting itself out of the stadium. This is very effective against other attack types since the attack power is not changed much, and there will be a lesser chance for the beyblade to lose in a stadium-out.

Ray Unicorno: Metal Beyblade
Ray Unicorno: Metal Beyblade

Ray Unicorno

Ray Unicorno is a bey seen only in the Big Bang Bladers series. During the first episode, Unicornio was defeated many times by Storm Pegasus, therefore it was strange that Pegasus lost in a final battle. Ray Unicorno has amazing speed, and has been seen training multiple times on dodging attacks. The Coat Sharp performance tip helps the bey spin for a surprisingly long time, despite being an attack type. I would recommend using Unicornio against defense types or other attack types. It has a small resemblance to Storm Pegasus. The fusion wheel is translucent and green and is rough for extra damage. The metal wheel (or spin track), has rounded edges and a bumpy surface to knock a bey out of the stadium. Although Ray Unicornio is only a moderately powerful beyblade, I would recommend buying it in a twin pack.

Ray Unicorno is a bit expensive at around $25 on many online sites, but ebay has the extensive selections of all  kinds, including limited edition and Ray Unicorno starter set, and the prices are more attractive due to higher competitions. So for Ray Unicorno, ebay is by far the best place to shop.

Ray Unicorno D125CS Vs. Storm Pegasus 105RF

Ray Unicorno D125CS Vs Storm Pegasus 105RF

Ray Unicorno D125CS VS MF Earth Bull C145WB


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    • profile image

      angel 4 years ago

      which is better storm pegasus. Or rock leone.

    • profile image

      Ryan 6 years ago

      I like unicorno but pegusus not so much I Prefer unicorno better