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Strategy Guide for Rocket Raccoon in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Updated on September 15, 2014

The Marvel: Avengers Alliance hero Rocket Raccoon is a hero with multiple tricks, none of which quite work as intended. His design philosophy is based around combos, but all of his combos either require assistance from another character or stop chaining after a single round. His unique design does allow you to store power between rounds, which is a trick that few other characters can even partially match and his ability to store power is much better than the few who have similar tricks. Teamed with the right heroes, he might be one of your default blasters, but it takes a lot of planning to get the most out of him, which may not be effort you want to make.

Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon | Source

How to Acquire Rocket Raccoon

If you didn't acquire Rocket Raccoon by achieving adamantium league in Season 15 of PvP, you can instead purchase him for 135 command points. He is an evergreen character, so there is no limitation on when you need to purchase him.

Special Abilities

Special Ability (Trigger Happy) – Whenever an ally makes a follow-up attack or a counterattack, Rocket Raccoon will join in on that attack. This attack does not cost any ammo cells. This feature is one of the main ways that this hero deals damage, so you want to team him with heroes that follow-up or counter, like Wolverine, Deadpool, Ares, or Cyclops. Unfortunately, this ability has also been weakened by a global game which limits the number of times a character can join an attack in a round.

Special Ability (Half-Cocked) – Rocket Raccoon will start every battle with three ammo cells. All of his attack powers require ammo cells to be used, so this allows him to attack on the first round of battle. Ammo cells can not be removed by powers that strip buffs nor can they be prevented by powers to prevent buffs.

Rocket Raccoon Powers

Power Name
Stamina Cost
Ammo Cost
Damage / Effect
Trivial Area Damage
Murdered You!
High damage / Targeted
Blam Blam Blam!
Low Area Damage / Nimble Buff
Massive Damage

How Reload Works

This power is a multi-action attached to recharge. It is the only non-quick action that Rocket Raccoon has. When used, he gains three ammo cells. In general, you will use this as your last action on every one of his turns in order to get more ammo for attacking next round. If you use this before all ammo cells are used up, you can store extra ammo for a large flurry of attacks in a later round. There are two important things to keep in mind about Reload. First, it has a slight stamina cost, which can be a problem if your hero is out of stamina. Second, Rocket can't store more than five ammo cells at a time.

Detailed Power Descriptions

Level 1 Power, Blam! (All Enemies, Ranged Gun Energy Explosion, 8.3% Stamina Cost, 1 Ammo Cell Cost) – This attack deals rather trivial damage, but reasonable in terms of stamina cost. Also, while the damage is trivial, it only costs one ammo cell, so you can potentially use it three times in the first round or any round after using Reload. Since the attack also applies pain to all enemies hit, and pain stacks up to three times, this is not a terrible way to open a battle. Keep in mind that this is the attack Rocket Raccoon uses with Trigger Happy, so you probably don't need to unload with all three stacks early in a battle. If you do, though, this attack effectively increases the damage of your entire team by 24%.

Level 2 Power, Murdered You! (One Enemy, Ranged Gun Energy, 12.5% Stamina Cost, 2 Ammo Cells Cost) – This attack deals moderately high damage and is the only single target attack Rocket Raccoon. Much more importantly, it applies targeted and melt armor. Spamming this every round against an enemy with an evasion trick lets your entire team quickly slaughter any target you want. In addition, you will build up spare ammo cells each round that can be used later for an all out attack.

Level 6 Power, Blam Blam Blam! (All Enemies, Ranged Gun Tech, 16.6% Stamina Cost, 3 Ammo Cells Cost) – The damage on this attack is about twice as high as Blam! The attack also applies pyrophoric to all enemies, but the main reason to use it is because this hero gains the nimble buff. If you need defense or if you are teamed with a hero that deals fire or explosive damage, this should be used as early as possible in a battle. Otherwise, the only real value is to set up Kerplowie, and that attack is costly and hard to use.

Level 9 Power, Kerplowie! (All Enemies, Ranged Gun Tech Energy Explosion, 25% Stamina Cost, 5 Ammo Cells Cost) – Kerplowie is designed to be the finishing attack of this hero, but it is incredibly hard to build the necessary synergy to make it useful. Without any modifiers, it deals slightly less than double the damage of Murdered You! The attack will automatically score a critical hit against burning enemies and deal extra damage due to exploit opportunity, but Rocket Raccoon can’t apply any of those status effects that are exploited, nor can he directly apply burning. If you build your team specifically to take advantage of this power, it can deal massive damage, but that is extraordinarily challenging, incredibly finicky, and easily prevented by enemy status effect removal.

ISO Support

Your ISO setup for this hero depends primarily on who you team him with. If you team him with a hero and agent that focus on counterattacks and follow-up attacks, boost his attack and accuracy primarily. If you team up primarily to take advantage of Kerplowie, you want a much more defensive build, because it will usually take three rounds to be able to unleash that attack. Either way, a little health boost is in order, since his starting health is dangerously low.

Red Hulk
Protection, Burning, Opportunity Effects
Follow-Ups, Counters
Nico Minoru
Burning, Extra Action, Opportunity Effects

Best Allies

If you are trying to do a massive Kerplowie, Red Hulk is by far the best teammate you can find. He can apply burning and all of the opportunity status effects to all enemies with his Gamma Bomb attack, assuming his heat level is at least 40%. Additionally, Bulwark will protect the slightly flimsy Rocket Raccoon until the attack is ready. Cable and Nico Minoru also are good choices for this. They can’t apply status effects as well, but they can both grant Rocket an extra action, which speeds up how quickly he can use this attack. If you are focusing on counters and follow-ups, Cyclops and Ares are your best choices. Unfortunately, no hero exists that can support both Trigger Happy and Kerplowie!


The PvP AI has a major flaw that makes Rocket Raccoon a bad choice for a defensive PvP team in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. The AI always tries to use as many actions as possible every round. This means one whole power is useless. Additionally, Raccoon is incredibly weak to mangled, blind rage, and exhaustion. On an offensive team, the only real threat from these status effects is a defensive team with Havok. But, on a defensive team, smart players will often have the tools to shut him down effectively. Since PvP tends to run shorter rather than longer, if you choose to use him on PvP, build entirely for taking advantage of Trigger Happy. This hero has no stealthy attacks and only one single target attack, so he generally isn’t a great choice for PvP, but you could put him on a team with Iron Patriot and have a frighteningly good chance of getting a first round wipe of the enemy.

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