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Street Fighter x Tekken Game Review

Updated on June 19, 2013

Street fighter cross over against Tekken. This is what fighting game lovers want. These 2 fighting games are legends in history of fighting genre in the world of gaming. Let me give you a bit history of this game, Street Fighter was released around 80's and tekken around 90's. Both of this game has a good reputation in gaming industry. And they have a lot of fans including me.

SFXT (Street Fighter X Tekken) its the clash of 2 different worlds. If you have played Marvel vs. Capcom. It was like that. Characters from Street Fighter fighting against characters from Tekken. I'll share you my insights about this game, basically a game review before you purchased this one if you don't have it yet.


In my opinion graphics is awesome. When you played most of street fighter games they used 2D graphics and for Tekken series they have used 3D. But in this game they used 2D graphics for characters and 3D for background. Capcom have the rights to use their own type of graphics and they are known for their 2D graphics fighting game.

Namco agreed with that because I think Namco will release their version which is Tekken x Street Fighter and I also think that they will use 3D graphics on that game.


I can compare this game to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 but there some differences to street fighter x tekken. You can't do massive combos on this game except last year there has been reported glitch that would allow you to do inifinites but they have already removed that glitch. SFXT uses a tag system, If you played tekken tag on Playstation 2 and see how they tag each character during battle you'll notice its actually the same. You can also call your partner to fight at the same time and there's also a mode which is 4 vs. 4 battle. Another cool features of this game is the cross arts and the gem system. Cross arts is the combination of super combo of your characters and it deals massive damage to your enemy. While Gem system will allow you to improve your health, power gauge, defense, offense and tweak your control system like the easy command I'm saying on the controls section.


If your an experienced fighting game player, you'll noticed that most of the fighting games that you played doesn't have any easy control system. Like for example you want to do some Hadouken obviously you need to press down, down - forward, forward plus punch button in that sequence on your controller. But for SFXT is different, you can just press forward plus punch and your hadouken will come out. You just need to customized your Gem settings, put the easy command gem to your gem vacant slot and your ready to use the easy command.


Well, for the story. Its really sucks. Getting pandora's box to obtain power and other stupid reasons. I don't really know why Capcom thought that story line on this game. If you have finished the game, it seems that its missing something its incomplete, probably Capcom are planning to make sequel for this game.


Really cool, especially the intro. As for the sound effects inside the game. Its decent. You'll hear clearly their voices when doing some special moves like hadouken, shoryuken, etc...


You don't need to be an expert to do some simple and effective combo for this game. Its really easy to do, by pressing low punch, middle punch, high punch then another high punch you will execute cross rush.

Online Mode

They have reduced the lag on this game. It's faster compared to Street Fighter 4. But sometimes the only problem is the ranking system. If you have low rank and you've challenged a high ranking player they tend to kick or not accept the fight because they'll think that they are better than you.

Well, I think this game deserves to be played. This is one of the game that I love. And its really worth my time to play this one.


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    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 5 years ago from Davao City

      In my opinion, this game is too easy. It failed to incorporate the complexity of Tekken. Even a beginner can win over you by pressing random buttons. And I agree that the story sucks but I expected it to be that way; too predictable and lacks a strong ending.