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Stupid Sims 3 | Household Maintenance Hell

Updated on August 25, 2009

Sims Moan #4559875 - Sims Break Things And Don't Care

If you were showering in your home, and you broke your shower and water was cascading everywhere, would you simply just wander away blithely, get some food, go to bed and go about your day, leaving your shower to spray water all over the bathroom whilst you just didn't shower for days and progressively got smellier? No. You'd call for a repair man or try to fix it yourself in fairly quick order.

For some reason, however, sims don't do this. Not only will they more often than not not fix appliances or household items which are broken to their own detriment, they will quite happily use the same clogged toilet the rest of the house has used, try to flush it, spray foul biological material all over the room and then go and hop into bed as if nothing had happened. This will go on day after day, all sims happily toileting on a huge pile of excrement until the person playing the game makes one of them unclog it, or call a repair man.

The same goes for kitchen sinks. Would you sit and eat dinner with your family whilst the faucet creates a water feature in the very room you're trying to eat in? No. But sims will. These actions all take place on 'High Free Will', a mode where sims are supposed to see to their own needs. Unfortunately, their own needs apparently don't include not showering next to a pile of three day old excrement.

All that happens is that their moodlets show that the room is dirty and they wander out. Annoying.

It would perhaps not be so annoying if things didn't break so very often. But even if you have top of the line appliances and fittings, sinks break, showers spring leaks and toilets clog at least once every three or four days. What kind of hellish backward technology do Sims have that their stoves never break (stoves are apparently immune to the horrors which plague sim plumbing, though dishwashers, T.V's and stereos also display this 'made by blind lepers in the oceans of Taiwan' quality,) but every other appliance or piece of plumbing in the house (oh, apart from the fridge, fridges are also immune,) breaks every five minutes?

I don't feel that having to click on an appliance or household item and select the repair option every other day constitutes game play. It constitutes annoyance. Now, sure, you can upgrade all household items to unbreakable, but that requires leveling a sim in handiness the moment you start your household and setting several precious days of their lives aside to dedicate to the upgrading. Of course, then you still have to deal with the fact that Sims will foul their own environments quite happily and unless someone in the house has the clean trait, then they'll take the same 'who gives a damn, but I do, because my moodlets are down, but I won't do anything about it' attitude that they take to drowning their house in toilet water.

Household maintenance plays all too large a role in Sims 3 for my liking. When I have to clean a virtual toilet more often than I have to clean my own, there's a problem.


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    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Heh, yes, you raise a good point. Especially with the cooking, eating, showering etc. It really does seem that the Sims 3 is focused on emphasizing the mundane.

    • profile image

      SimEnthusiast 8 years ago

      I agree with you, Sims does require far too much household maintenance. I am also annoyed by how long it takes sims to accomplish anything, such as cooking, eating, or even walking through the house. It takes sims close to 10 game minutes to get down one flight of stairs.

      I hope this teaches you that sims, like humans, should never be given free will and should always be told what to wear, think, and say.