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Super Mario Odyssey: Luigi's Balloon World DLC

Updated on February 28, 2018
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Since her first Nintendo, Jennifer Branton has been an avid gamer who fairs best in Survival Horror and RPG's.

Ballooning In Like He Owns The Place....

One of the flagship games for Nintendo's highly successful Switch, Super Mario Odyssey plays like a best of the Mario platforming styles using elements from older games. Already having a signature pixel 2D section, mini games incorporated from Mario Party, adding Luigi to the mix ballooning himself into the levels to give Mario a new challenge.

While Luigi still isn't a playable character, even as a second player thanks to the need for Cappie- Mario's younger sibling can be found by going back to already explored sections of the game and will reward Mario with letting players compete on the leader board for Hide It and Find It.

Super Mario Odyssey is a great game, hardly a year old and already finding plenty of replay value in all the extra content put into each level from finding all the extra Power Moons, finding all the portals to other levels, and using the Paintings and Visual Clues to unlock other Moons.

Go back to a previous level even before the completion of the game to scan all the costumes, memorabilia, and special coins for each level has added an element that was missing to previous Mario entries, with the exception of new levels being opened and Coin Dash in entries on the 3DS like New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 3D Land, and New Super Mario Bros 2.


Since the Year Of Luigi, Nintendo has tried to have more incorporation for second banana even when he isn't a playable character, offering instead modes after game completion to replay as Luigi. Even after all these years, Luigi has very few stand alone titles including Mario Is Missing, Dr Luigi, and the Luigi's Mansion series most notably.

Luigi Games

Dr Luigi
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Special Edition Year Of Luigi 3DS XL
Luigi's Mansion
Super Luigi U
Luigi's Mansion Arcade
Mario Is Missing
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Super Luigi Bros

DLC Modes To Play By

While Super Mario Odyssey still won't let you play as Luigi, he can be found by backtracking levels in the DLC to have players put head to head in a leader board.

Hide It: Almost self explanatory, Mario takes part in hiding one of the balloons somewhere in the level, given thirty seconds to complete the task.

Conversely in Find It: Mario must seek the balloon given the same time level. It doesn't have to be very close in proximity either, so take advantage of getting as far away on the map as you can in the time limit.

Only players who have already completed the main story will be able to compete for ranking. Having good knowledge on the map of each level is extremely valuable in the DLC.

I haven't tried it yet, but from going back and replaying levels to what else unlocks or changes after the completion, I am still finding new things to do in this game, and as more DLC is added, I can only image what else will be added to this game as we wait for another Mario title to be released on The Switch.


Not Always Lucky In Green

In 2013, The Year of Luigi, it was reported that Nintendo actually had a loss in basing games more revolved around Mario's sibling.

As much as they tried, Luigi always seemed to be stuck in that Player Two role and even with stand alone titles that were great like the Luigi's Mansion series, other games just replaced Mario out as the main playable character.

So 2013, ushered in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3DS, New Super Luigi U, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and Dr Luigi, an updated and re-skinned Dr Mario.

Why do fans not take to Luigi as much as Mario? I don't blame it as much on the original Mario games, where he was just Player Two, The Green Mario, as the horror that was Super Mario Bros 2.

Giving Luigi that ridiculous jump with the wobbling legs and no control over the landing was just beyond ridiculous, forgiving this game is actually a re-skin of Doki Doki Panic and was not intended to be the version of Super Mario Bros 2 that the rest of the world had gotten but it was "too hard" for Western audiences. I joke yet in 2018 I still have not beaten The Lost Levels.

Sure Luigi may have been a little dorky but he eventually got the girl, and maybe if you follow The Game Theorists may have a daughter, if you believe that Rosalina is his blood.

Mario may get all the glory saving the Mushroom Kingdom time and time again, but it gives Luigi more time to star in Super Smash Brothers, Mario Party, and perfect his driving skills in Mario Kart.

Maybe playing second fiddle to Mario really isn't that bad after all.

The Luigi's Balloons DLC is currently available as free download on The Switch.

Do you ever play as Luigi if given the choice?

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