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Super Mario World for the SNES is a classic video game that stands the test of time

Updated on July 21, 2015

My review of this on youtube

My ratings for Super Mario World

5 stars for Super Mario Wrold

My copy of Super Mario World

Note: all screen shots for this hub were captured by me using a capture card. The rights to Super Mario World belong to Nintendo.

I remember when I was a kid when I first got my SNES and Super Mario World came bundled in with the console (yes kids back in the day they actually gave us a game and two controllers with the consoles). However due to the fact that the TV I was playing on was old (even for that time) and we didn’t get the RF switches coaxial cable hooked up quite right, the game ended up looking well kind of screwed up. That didn’t stop me from being determine to 100% this game, I had been reading the strategy guide I got from Nintendo Power for almost two years before hand and damned if anything was going to keep me from beating this game. What does this mean, it means I really good at Super Mario World.


Mario and Luigi are on vacation in Dinosaur land and they brought Princess Toadstool with them (AKA Princess Peach) and while there out enjoying themselves Bowser swoops in and kidnaps her and now Mario and Luigi have to brave the wilds of Dinosaur land in order to save her. Fortunately they don’t be in it alone they manage to recruit a helpful band of dinosaurs known has the Yoshi’s to help.

There isn’t much exposition in this game, only a short paragraph at the end of every stage, but Mario games aren’t about the story there all about the platforming and the secret finding.

Yeah you still got to rescue the Princess

Mario it's ok to think about getting another woman when she's this dependent on you rescuing her all the time
Mario it's ok to think about getting another woman when she's this dependent on you rescuing her all the time


When the SNES is hooked up right Super Mario World is a beautiful game and it’s graphics still stand the test of time. For the most part the graphics still captivate me almost a quarter of a century later has they did when I first play it. The sprites are well drawn; the back ground colorful and the enemies are well drawn and animated. The graphics still look has impressive to me has they did 20 years ago. With the exception of some of the mode 7 gimmicks you see during your fight with Bowser which haven’t aged well, it’s a bit of too much look at what we can do now, and now that it’s 25 years later it looks kind of lame.


The music in this game is classic some of the best music in the Mario game. You have several different themes for if it’s a standard area, obstacle course, or under water area and all of them are lively and catchy. The sound effects are also timeless. Overall the music in this game is great.


It’s the gameplay in Super Mario World that keeps it so appealing almost a quarter century later and it makes it one of the best Mario games ever made.

First let’s start off with the basics. There’s nothing really new when comes to Mario himself. He has a new Spin Jump that can destroy blocks, and a new great feather power up that once it reaches maximum height the feather will open up and he can fly around and although difficult to control once you figure it out you can get a lot of hang time out of the cape, more so then the raccoon tail in SMB3.

The Cape is a new power up

and it's better then the raccoon tail.
and it's better then the raccoon tail.

A major change though comes with Yoshi, boarding the legendary dinosaur in this game changes the way they game is played, not in a control way but in what you can do. Yoshi can walk across obstacles Mario can’t, he can eat enemies, and Mario can bail off of him to get to higher heights and to save his neck. Yoshi can also fly, breath fire, or stomp the ground if he has a koopa shell in his mouth depending on either the color of the shell, or the color of the Yoshi. Having Yoshi around is like having a worthy ally around, even if you do manage to dump in a pit of lava to save your own hide.

riding Yoshi can change the game.

Here a blue yoshi is flying when he a koopa shell in his mouth.
Here a blue yoshi is flying when he a koopa shell in his mouth.

The map in SMW

But what makes this game extra special comes with the way the map and the worlds work. Super Mario World lets you find your own way through the game. A lot of stages have 2 exits (most mark with a red spot on the map) and they usually have a key. A key exit and a goal exit take you too two different places and stages. Just the way you can find your way through different worlds and stages makes this game fun. If you’re having trouble in an area you might find a new path through a different area and different stages. Finding all the secrets in this game though does take quite a bit of work.

Finding your way into the star road and then the special world takes a bit of exploring but once you’re in the special world you’re greeted with some of the hardest stages in the game. With the exception of one called Tubular that one’s easy you just need a blue Yoshi and a cape and clearing that sucker is a cake walk (but you will rip your hair out of you try to P balloon across it). That said the hardest stage to me is the Valley of Bowser castle getting across the instant kill spikes can be a bit trickey.

How is the Gameboy Advance version

Is Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World worth getting for the GBA? The answer is yes. Is it worth getting on the virtual console when the SNES version is also available at the same price? The answer is no. The GBA is a good port and even adds in some unnecessary voice clips and a Luigi mode. Unfortunately only one player, screen is crop do it being made for the GBA, and the resolution is lowered. If you’re playing on a console get the SNES version over the GBA version.

Final Recommendation

Super Mario World is one the best Mario games, and one of the best SNES games out there. Worth 8 dollars on the virtual console and worth checking out of if you own a Super Nintendo (which this came bundled so you should already have it)


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