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Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC: Min Min Analysis & Spirits + Version 8.0.0 Update

Updated on July 1, 2020
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Lewis is a freelance writer and video game connoisseur with a passion for reviewing the latest titles. His favourite series is "Pokémon".

Moveset Analysis

Min Min is a long range zoner, capable of inflicting massive damage to heavyweights, but struggles with close range fighters. Min Min can walk or jump wile moving forward, usually characters have to stay in place, punches can be angled. Let's take a look into the depths of her moves, power and variety in a match.


The attack button controls the left ARM, and the special-move button controls the right. Flick the stick to the side and press a button to make it a smash attack. You can hold the button in the ground to charge up.

Attack button: Punch with your left ARM. Powers up when throwing an opponent.

Special-move button: Punch with the right ARM. There are three ARMS available for Min Min to unleash.

While on the ground, you can adjust the trajectory of the punch up or down. You can unleash an ARM in the middle of attacking with the other. Input forward or backward to attack with your ARMS in those directions.

ARMS Change

Min Min has a total of three ARMS at her arsenal. The right ARM will cycle, in order, through Ramram, Megawatt and Dragon. You can switch between the three ARMS with your down special during battle.

Characteristics of the Right ARM:

1.) Ramram: It's fast and easy to bend, but less powerful. It's perfect for distracting your opponents.

2.) Megawatt: Has a short range and won't bend as easy. It's very powerful and great for finishing off opponents.

3.) Dragon: Has long range with decent power output. Hold down the button to shoot lasers using a smash attack.

Other moves

For Min Min's up special, on the ground, the ARMS boost the jump. In the air, the ARMS extend upwards to attack or to grab on to an edge.

Dash attack is a jump kick, zone approaching defensive option with decent power.

Up tilt and up smash perform summersault kicks respectively, that can reflect projectiles. Down tilt is a slide, similar to that of Cloud and Jokers. Down Smash is a split kick attack. Up air is a standard flip kick attack. Down air is a dive kick attack, you can shift the timing of your decent by pressing the special button quicker. Neutral air is a standard loop attack in mid-air, providing different range and speed depending on the ARM the player chooses, for example, Megawatt is slow but stronger than Dragon, which is the fastest. Quickly tapping the attack button will allow Min Min to unleash a volley of kicks, resulting in a rapid attack.

Final Smash: ARMS Rush

One opponent will be caught up in an attack from the left ARM as it transforms into Dragon, and from numerous ARMS fighters who swoop in to deal damage and send the opponent flying.

Spring Stadium + Music

Spring Stadium is the new stage based on the ARMS stadium. It's a floating stadium with knockout points to the same sides as usual, but with a twist. Many of the platforms to the left and right of the main stage, and the one in the middle, sometimes turn into Spring pads which, when you jump off them, gives you an added boost. In addition to this, sometimes small platforms come off to the sides that can be used for similar means.

There are 18 brand new tracks arriving with the inclusion of the Spring Stadium, including a new remix of the Grand Prix official theme song, and Ramen Bowl.

Spring Stadium
Spring Stadium | Source

Incoming Spirits

There are a total of 10 Spirits to defeat on the DLC Fighter Spirit Board. Some of these, like Spring Man were already existent in the game, prior to the release of Min Min.

In order, these 10 Spirits include:

1.) Spring Man

2.) Ribbon Girl

3.) Ninjara

4.) Master Mummy

5.) Mechanica

6.) Twintelle

7.) Byte and Barq

8.) Kid Cobra

9.) Helix

10.) and the Legend Sprit: Max Brass

Additional Mii Fighter Costumes: Round #6


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