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Superstruct Toy Building Sets

Updated on November 7, 2015


Superstruct Building Sets

Superstructs Building Sets

The Superstructs building sets come in many different configurations from small builder kits to big builders. It just depends on what you think your child will like and whether your child has already asked for a certain Superstruct set or not. I recommend the Superstructs building kits for any children over the age of about four or so. Some of the sets come ready to build certain things like an airplane or a tractor but if your child is too young for the directions they can still build whatever they want or desire with the parts in the kits. If your child loves to build things and put things together and likes other building toys like Lego's they will love these Supertructs kits.There are many different kits to choose from. I will list some below. I love these kits simply because they are not a toy where you read the directions and build something. You can do that you can read the directions and build monster trucks and dragsters etc. But your children will definitely build many things that are simply not in the directions. They will simply build things that come out of their own mind. Whether it's robots, play sets, or picnic tables for their dolls or action figures they will use their mind to come up with all sorts of different things.

Superstructs Starter Set The Starter Set is exactly what it says it's a starter set that has enough parts to get you going and see if you really like this toy without spending a lot of money. Yet it will still have enough parts to build a lot of the models. With this kit you will be able to build a tractor, a dragster, a monster truck, and a dune buggy models but also with this many parts and different items to work with you can build many things with just your imagination.

Superstructs Big Builder The Superstructs Big Builder kit has a lot more parts and you can literally spend hours coming up with new toys that you build yourself simply from having this larger kit with more parts. You can build a fully functional fork lift, dump truck, lift truck, or crane. If your child has played with the Superstructs before and knows they like them then I can recommend this kit but if not start out with the starter kit as this kit is more expensive than the starter kit.

Superstructs Wacky Machines The Wacky Machines Kit is a kit that gives you a lot more parts and gears to build things like a Crane, a Clock, or a tank so basically Wacky machines comes with a book of directions that shows you how to make a Clock, a Ferris Wheel, a car and anything else they can come up with that requires gears or pulleys. So this is a set they can spend hours with and still not exhaust all the possiblities. That's what I love about toys like Superstructs.

Play Sets For Kids

Building Sets For Kids

So like the Erector Set and Legos and wooden building blocks that we all used to play with and I'm sure many of your kids own. These Superstructs building sets will keep your kids interested and teach them hand eye coordination and patience. Some of these models are very simple and a four year old can complete them easily. But others will take a little more patience or some help from the older brother or sister. Hey can you believe it your kids are actually working together for once. Pretty cool stuff. What else can you build with the Superstructs building kits? Well really jsut like with wooden blocks and all the other building sets your child's imagination is their only limit. So, if they can imagine it they can build it. That is the limit of this toy as opposed to say a video game or something like that.


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