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Surf's Up for Nintendo DS

Updated on April 10, 2011

Surf's Up for Nintendo DS Game Review

I enjoyed playing the Wii version of this game a few weeks ago, so I decided to rent this version as well. It was slightly disappointing because I was expecting another surfing game that you did a lot of tricks. Instead it is a racing surfing game. I did enjoy it in the end, as I always have been a fan of racing. There is some areas were you do tricks while racing, such as when you go off ramps. The main problem I have with the game is that it seems quite hard to unlock the new levels. It starts with two areas open and three or four locked areas on the map. I think you have to win first in both the first two to unlock a new area, as I won the second open one and only got second in the first open one and did not unlock a new area. Also, even at normal difficulty the game is quite challenging. While I do enjoy the challenge in a racing game, I think this makes the game too hard for kids, who I would assume is the targeted age group for this game. Overall the game is great for racing video game fans, but probably not good for beginner video game races or kids unless they have a big frustration tolerance.


Landing a trick
Landing a trick


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    • profile image

      ozic 9 years ago

      the game is nice