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Survivosaur, Free Dinosaur Arcade Game

Updated on December 19, 2010
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For more free game reviews, and handpicked indie games for your enjoyment: | Source

I know why the dinosaurs became extinct. It's not because of a massive meteor strike per se (though that certainly played a part in their demise,) it's mostly because the dinosaurs lacked the leg power required to waddle around the world and shoot their lasers at the meteors in time to explode them. This alternative Earth theory brought to you by Survivosaur, a free web game.

Survivosaur doesn't just challenge the commonly held notions of our planet's distant past though, oh no. Survivosaur gives your WASD tapping fingers a real work out. Essentially the game is one enlarged remake of the old classic 'Asterioids', but instead of being a rotating triangle in the center of the screen doing your best to pew pew pew at rocks, you're a green and pink dinosaur running around the world trying to shoot meteors down.

Fortunately in addition to the meteors that are slamming into your world on a regular basis, there are also coins falling from the heavens, coins that can be collected and used to buy upgrades, the sort of upgrades the real dinosaurs could certainly have used. Upgrades available include increased movement speed, increased health, better weaponry, shields and jet packs. These upgrades are essential to success in the game, because a slow dinosaur with an inadequate weapon is a sitting duck on the unfeeling pond of the Universe.

As you may already have gathered, the speed of the dinosaur itself is something of a problem at the outset. Also problematic is the fact that your puny lasers really do nothing to affect the major meteors and alien spacecraft that are also hell bent on destroying your sweet cradle of life.

In fact, the only real way to survive the opening gambit is to try to collect as many coins and health power ups as possible (oh yeah, there are health power ups, did I mention that?) and then get your upgrades as quickly as possible. Additional health, speed and weaponry are all important if Survivosaur is to have any chance of Survival at all, if he is not merely to become some ironically named pixel dinosaur easily forgotten in the swathe of free online games.

Success also depends on great, (not good, but great) hand eye co-ordination and a willingness to develop carpal tunnel syndrome for the good. Much mouse spamming is involved in playing the game.

What are you waiting for? Pit your skills against the forces of deep space!

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