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Swtor Crafting Guide

Updated on December 11, 2011

Swtor Crafting Skills

With the upcoming release of Starwars The Old Republic many players are looking to find out more about the deep crafting system that Bioware has put into the game. Today I am going to talk about each craft and the gathering skills that are in Swtor. I am hoping you will find what you need to know from this Swtor Crafting Guide

Of course many of you will be asking your crew members to complete missions, gather and craft for you, So I will also be covering crew skills a little later on. Check out a Swtor Crafting Video

The 6 Swtor Crafting Skills

1. Armormech.

Armormechs can work with all kinds of hard metals and by using fluxes purchased from vendors can make some of the best armor in the game. Armormechs can also reverse engineer their creations to find out better ways to craft and improve their future armors.

Recommend Classes: Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler and Imperial Agent.

2. Armstech.

Armstech allows the crafter to create heavy weapons such as assault cannons, sniper rifles, blaster rifles, blaster pistols etc. Once again fluxes acquired from vendors are used in the creation of the Armstech weapons and again the created items can be broke down and reverse engineered to allow the Armstech to find better ways to craft and improve weapons.

Recommended Classes: Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler and Imperial Agent.

3. Biochem.

Biochems in Swtor can create performance increasing serums and some biological implants to also increase the performance of the wearer. Biochems are also able to create medkits so this could be a very useful craft for making credits since many players are going to need medkits and serums. As with all other crafts the Swtor Biochem can reverse engineer his creations to find new ways to improve and craft implants/serums/medkits.

Recommended Classes: All classes would suit Biochem Crafting

4. Artifice.

Artifice is the craft of the Jedi's. Artifices can create Jedi and Sith artifacts which are used to upgrade and improve lightsabers. Artifices can also create color crystals which affects the color of the lightsaber or bolts fired from blasters. Mods made from Artifices can also be used to improve armor defenses and stats. As with all crafts the Artifice can reverse engineer his creations to improve his knowledge of the craft.

Recommend Classes: Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquistor

5. Cybertech.

Cybertechs are used to make droid upgrades and they can also craft earpieces. They can make many mods for most armors and gadgets and can also create wrists and boots. The earpieces are used like implants to increase your stats and effect in combat. Reserve engineering allows the Cybertech to make even better mods, droid upgrades, earpieces etc.

Recommended Classes: Smuggler, Trooper, Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter.

6. Synthweaving.

Synthweavers have the skill to craft force armors for force users. Just like Armortechs Synthweavers use vendor purchased fluxes to craft their creations and can also reverse engineering items to further increase the knowledge of their craft.

Recommend Classes: Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquistor.

As you can see there are 6 crafts to choose from and which ones you choose to learn is up to you although it is worth keeping in mind what craft is going to benefit your class the best and also which craft is going to make you loads of credits. For more on making loads of credits I recommend you visit Swtor Credits Guide

Swtor Gathering Skills

Now I am going to just tell you a few things about each gathering skill and which gathering skills you should consider for each craft. Gathering can be performed by you but the same as crafting you can also send your companions on a mission to gather a certain resource for you. There are 4 gathering skills in Swtor so lets take a look at them.

The 4 Swtor Gathering Skills

1. Slicing.

Slicing is used to open lockboxes and computer terminals which allows you to gather valuable intel, items, materials and rare schematics. Slicing can be used to open just about any lockbox or computer terminal in the game and you can also get credit rewards from these places making Slicing one of the best credit making skills in the game right now. The Slicing gathering skill gathers resources for Cybertech crafting.

2. Bioanalysis.

With the Bioanalysis gathering skill you can collect resources from dead animals and plants such as cell fibers and bacterial strains. This skill is best paired with the Biochem crafters since the resources gathered are best used for making medkits, serums and biological implants.

3. Archaeology.

Archaeology allows you to find lightsaber crystals and other ancient artifacts. Using these resources allows you to make item mods and rare datacron components that can be used to make matrix cubes. Archaeology is mainly used by Artifces and Synthweavers due to the fact that most artifacts are strong with the force so mods and items created are mainly for force users.

4. Scavenging.

Scavenging is used for finding old electronics and parts from the enviroment which can be used by Armortechs, Armstechs and Cybertechs to make items. This gathering skill is mainly used by Bounty Hunters and Troopers to make their weapons and heavy armors.

These are the 4 gathering skills in Swtor and you will find your able to use many of them to benefit your character and also make yourself credits. The best one for making credits I have found is Slicing. And If you want to find out how please check out Wealthy Hutts at Swtor Credit Guide

Swtor Mission Skills

And now we come to Swtor Missions Skills which allow you to send out your companions on different missions to achieve various results such as recovering loot completing goals etc. There are 4 main Swtor Missions Skills for you crew to go on and complete so lets take a look at them.

1. Diplomacy.

Diplomacy missions can be used to obtain various items for yourself and/or your companion which is normally light armor materials. You can also get affection items for your companions by completing these missions and your light/dark side points can also be increased by taking part in this type of mission.

2. Investigation.

This mission is completed by following clues which can lead to rare schematics and other rare loots. Once again you can also find companion gifts on these types of missions and normal medium armor materials.

3. Treasure Hunting.

This is a easy one and I would assume you already have a slight idea of what it is. Treasure hunting is close to investigation where your crew member follows clues to find rare and useful items. You can obtain gemstones, lockboxes, rare schematics etc. You can also get companion affection gifts and Gift fragments which can be used on Narr Shaddaa

4. Underworld Trading.

Underworld Trading in Swtor is used to trade illegal goods and services, Rewards from these missions include Heavy Armor materials, spices and with all Crew Missions companion gifts.

What Craft Will You Take?

Which Craft Are You Planning On Mastering?

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    • profile image

      Aidan 6 years ago

      Looking good, can't wait for release!

    • Morrow66 profile image

      Morrow66 6 years ago

      Yeah thanks, I looked into Swtor crafting quite a lot and tried it out when I got my chance to test the game. I must say the crafting system is excellent and a lot of fun. Its worth your time to do since you can also make a good amount of credits from it.

      Im also very excited and can't wait for the game to be released.

    • Garrett Mickley profile image

      Garrett Mickley 6 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

      I see you've done a lot of research. I'm so excited for this game that I can't stand it anymore.