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Syma S107 RC Helicopter Product Review

Updated on December 23, 2012

If your looking for a good RC Helicopter then look no further than Syma S107 RC Helicopter. It has a ton of great features all listed below. By operating this RC machine I am convinced that I can now go out and operate a bigger and better indoor RC helicopter. Now only if I can convince my wife to that same fact.

Features of the Syma S107 RC Helicopter

  • Ready to fly right out of the box
  • 3 full channels. Up, down, left, right, forward and backwards
  • The transmitter has an alignment trim, a charging and power indicator, a left/right lever and trimmer
  • Suitable for indoor flying ONLY!
  • Flight range of 30 feet
  • 1 half hour of charge will get you 15 minutes of flight. Charging is done via the transmitter or USB Cable
  • 2 colors available. Yellow or Red

The brand new 3 channel gyro mini metal RC helicopter is on of the world's newest, smallest and lightest RC helicopter you can get! At approx. 7.5" long, it easily fits in the palm of your hand and is fully functional, equipped with latest Gyroscope technology, which makes this helicopter an instant hot seller in the RC workd. This mini Gyro Metal Helicopter charges directly either from the USB cable or from the controller which uses AA batteries and has a full-function tril control for the perfect flight.

The Syma 107 helicopter is great for everyone. Even kids can operate it with relative ease. If you ever flown an indoor RC helicopter before you will know that the Syma brand is know for its durability and ease of flight. The gyro that is built into the helicopter will add to the enjoyment of flying.

However if you are looking for longer flight times then you need a machine with a bigger battery. If you hold the throttle of the Syma 107 steady it will hover. However after about 20 seconds you will notice it start to lose altitude. There are some easy ways to recover this. You can let it land, and let the battery recover. However if you push the stick forward it will start to climb again. The thing to remember is that you only are getting about 15 minutes of flight time for 30 minutes of charge.

The Syma S107 RC Helicopter makes a great gift to yourself or anyone that enjoys flight. It is priced to sell that's for sure. As with any toy that is out there, you are always going to find a way to improve it. This RC helicopter is no exception to that rule. Yes it has its disadvantages, like low flight time compared to the amount of charge it needs. However I feel that the ease of flight makes up for it. It only takes a few minutes to learn and then you will be flying this thing right after you get unpacked from the box. Just remember not to upset the wife by crashing into everything in the house.


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