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Synopsis Quest walkthrough

Updated on May 16, 2010

A collection of minigames presented as a full free online RPG game. It's playable in your browser and there's a story connecting them all together. Each is themed as something you'd encounter in the traditional console title and there's both classic artwork and music to match. But of course you already know this if you're looking for Synopsis Quest help, right?

This game was created by Skipmore, a japanese team who've made a few similar freebies. It's available to play here. Another of my favorites of theirs is Mamano Slayer. Scroll down farther to read some walkthrough tips but it's more fun to try to win the 16 challenges without them first.

Quest game screenshot.
Quest game screenshot.


If you're stuck in any of the other locations, or just want to talk about the free quest by skipmore, put your comments below. There's also links to a few others I thought were cool.

Character Creation - Hit the button so you'd get enough stat points to qualify for hero status, the 4th in the list. Don't go overboard or you'll end up being a monster!

Enter the Castle - Walk north until the hero of this Synopsis Quest game is standing on top of the town. This is done by clicking on the flash game and pressing the Up arrow key on your keyboard.

Talk to the King - Walk away as he's talking to finish it in time.

Greet the Hero - The hero doesn't show up unless you're talking to someone else in town. The only way to beat this part of the game is to stand on the west side of the well lady. Talk to her, then move to incercept the hero when he appears.

Find the Sunken Treasure - Wait for awhile and you'll get a clue.

Sneak Past the Guards - Talk to the sleeping one and steal his clothes.

The Real Ending - Remember how to break the demon summoning spell? You're told it in one of the other parts of the online game and it's also on the instructions screen. Input it during the final sequences of Synopsis Quest.


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