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TFC's Mod Manager, Easy Minecraft Modding Tool

Updated on January 27, 2011
For more Minecraft modding help, visit:
For more Minecraft modding help, visit: | Source

Finally, a mod manager that doesn't black screen my game on install. I'm aware that a great many people swear by the more ubiquitous Mod Loader, but it's never given me anything but pain to be honest, whereas thanks to TFC's Mod Manager, there are now bunnies in my pig farm, where baby piglets froilc. In other words, TFC's mod manager actually works. Hurrah!

A simple download, TFC's mod manager has the unfortunate tendency to launch from the temporary file, which is perhaps not the biggest of deals, but I would suggest that you move it somewhere where it can be found more easily.

Once the mod manager is opened, it automatically finds your Minecraft directories. In order to install mods, all you need to is click the 'add mod' button (a box with a handy green plus sign) find the mod you want to add to your game and then when you've loaded all the mods you want in your game, simply click 'Finish Modding'and the Mod Manager will create your new .jar file, debug the install and delete the META-INF.

It's brilliance wrapped up in excellence topped with an awesome bow.

The mod manager also includes a conflict detection system. If one of the mods you want to adds conflicts with others, a yellow / orange triangle is displayed next to the mod. You can then remove it or proceed with your buggy install. The choice is yours.


At present time not all mods are compatible with TFC's mod manager. It is after all, relatively new. Two mods that I know for sure are compatible with the mod manager however are:


A mod that makes it possible to farm animals by allowing you to tame and breed them and ensuring that they don't despawn over night. It also comes with new recipies and the ability to craft a shepherd's crook that will make all your tamed animals follow you like loyal zombies.


Adds more creatures to the game. Lions, bears, bunnies, birds, horses and more. Not all the creatures are friendly, my first awe filled encounter with a lion ended in me getting my face chewed off in a hasty respawn, but we must take the good with the bad with the awful. If you are patient and observant with this mod, you may one day see the mythical Pegasus.

Other Compatibility Issues:

TFC's mod manager works with .zip mod files and will apparently work with the .7z format in the future, but .rar support will not be included.



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