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Quiz Game Exercise the Mind

Updated on November 1, 2017
tlcs profile image

I love to write about all sorts of subjects including Motorbiking, Touring. The pictures, most of them are taken whilst riding pillion.

Do you know the answers?
Do you know the answers? | Source

Try this simple pick you up to wake your brain!

So you have been working all day and your flagging a little and you need a pick me up, so make yourself a nice cuppa and have a go at these questions to see how little or how much you know!

You will need a pen and paper for this teaser

Write the question number and then the answer next to it.

Question 1

What year did the following happen:-

Britain declared war on Germany

President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed this May National Mothers day holiday

George Bernard Shaw's play was performed in England for the first time

No cheating, no looking in dictionaries, write down the date that comes to mind first!

Question 2

Beyonce has many singles, tell me which year the following singles were released:-

Was it 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008


Single Ladies put a ring on it

Crazy in Love

Work It Out

Baby boy

Write against each title the year the single was released

Crazy in love for you to listen to while you guess the answers!

Question 3

Listed below are the letters of famous victorian historical figures, can you name them?











The following is known about these famous victorians

Known as the lady with the lamp

Rival of Gladstone he was pm from 1874 - 80

American Explorer, found by Stanley in 1871

Art Critic who wrote Modern Painters

Wrote the Mayor of Casterbridge

A pioneer of antiseptic surgery

Designed Clifton Suspension Bridge

Evolutionist who sailed on his HMS beagle

Father of the Arts and Craft Movement

Poet who wrote Dover Beach

Link each explanation with the initials first and then write the name of the famous victorian historical figure

Mmm, this is quite difficult!
Mmm, this is quite difficult! | Source

Question 4

Name the Ferrari Formula 1 drivers Surnames, first names have been given






Add the surname of the Ferrari formula 1 drivers

Question 5

How many US states are there in total?

Question 6

Which is the smallest state in the US?

Question 7

Which US state holds the world duck calling championship every year?

Question 8

What percentage of residents residing in Utah are members of the Moorman Church?

Question 9

What do all of these states in the United States have in common:-



Road Island










New York



Not sure about this one!
Not sure about this one! | Source

Question 10

Link the poet with the famous works

Andrew Marvel - 1681

Sylvia Plath - 1963

Alfred Lord Tennyson 1854

Edgar Allan Poe 1845

John Milton

Keats 1819

Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1798

The Raven

Paradise Lost

The Charge of the Light Brigade


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

To His Coy Mistress

Ode To A Nightingale

Question 11

What are all of these?



Sand Hopper



Question 12

What year did these five famous British battles take place?

  1. Plassy
  2. Blenheim
  3. Somme
  4. ElAlamein
  5. Goosegreen

Each of these battles took place in a different year, what year did they take place?

Question 13

Out of these Director's which two one an oscar?

Danny Boyle

Ridley Scott

Quentin Tarantino

Martin Scorsese

which one shall I choose!
which one shall I choose! | Source

Question 14

Brian Hugh Warner is the real name for which pop star?

Alice Cooper

Axl Rose

Marilyn Manson

Which one?

Question 15

What is the name of the highest mountain in England, is it?


Scafell Pike

Kinder Scout

Have a guess!

Are you finding these questions interesting

See results

Question 16

The Emirate of Dubai has a coastal sea of

Red Sea

Gulf of Aden

Persian Gulf


Question 17

Which one of these Wimbledon players has not won at Wimbledon

Martina Hingis

Virginia Wade

Monica Seles

Martina Hingis

They have all played at Wimbledon but one has never won, which one?

Question 18

What do these words have in common?



















Question 19 - Underline the correct spelling of the word in each row

Underline the correct spelling

Question 20

Identify the nouns, verbs and adverbs in the following sentence:-

As he walked slowly away from Brookfield School Mr Chipping thought fondly of his many years of service.

Question 21

Fill in the correct word in the following sentences:-

Is it Me, or I? (Blank has been put where Me or I should be)

  • Between you and blank, that new hairdresser is terrible.
  • Our boss was sure that Mildred and blank would both be successful in the promotion review.
  • It is blank alone wo must take responsibility for the downturn in sales this month.
  • All the team, save blank, were good public speakers.

Question 22

A number of bees is called a swarm. Swarm is an example of a noun of assemblage. What are the corresponding nouns to describe a number of the following:-

  1. crows
  2. eggs
  3. rooks and owls
  4. monkeys
  5. ferrets
  6. badgers
  7. cobblers

Question 23

Fill in the correct word, either 'who', 'whom' or 'whose'

(blank has been used in place of who whom or whose)

  • The boy blank stole the apple had to confess.
  • Blank did you meet at the bus stop this morning?
  • To blank should I write for a new bus pass?
  • To blank does this bicycle belong?
  • The police kept an eye on the boys, blank they suspected of stealing the apples.

oh dear what is the answer!
oh dear what is the answer! | Source

Question 24

Can you answer the following riddles?

  1. What relation is a child to its own father, if it is not its own father's son?
  2. What goes uphill and downhill but never moves?
  3. How many apples can you put in an empty barrel?
  4. What is very light, but difficult to hold for very long?

Question 25

What is special about the following words:







Question 26

What is a meander? Is it:

  1. a high feathery cloud
  2. the discharge of a river into the sea
  3. the barrier between two watersheds
  4. the bends a river forms as it flows

Question 27

Which river is the longest in the world?

Question 28

Where is Timbuktu?

Question 29

Name all four oceans?

This video about what makes a champion cricketer could help with this next question!

Question 30

If you have got a golden duck, it means that you are:

  1. a champion cricketer
  2. a terrible cricketer

Did you attempt all of the 30 questions?

See results

30 Question in 30 Minutes, Good Luck!

This is just a teaser to get your brain to wake up!

Have a go.

You can find all of the answers in my other hub

Take Time Out Tea Time Teaser Answers.

Have fun!


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    • Carol Morris profile image

      Carol Morris 

      2 years ago

      Thanks for this hub, very entertaining.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      3 years ago from San Diego California

      I'm going to go over and check. Some were a real strain on the brain, but I knew quite a few.

    • tlcs profile imageAUTHOR

      Trudy Cooper 

      4 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Glad you enjoyed it R.Q. was fun preparing it too!

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 

      4 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Guaranteed to get the 'ol cogs turning so pinning.

      You'd make a good question setter for a gameshow.

      Great Hub!

      Best Wishes;



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