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Tangled Rapunzel Party Games - Birthday Fun

Updated on June 20, 2012

Rapunzel Birthday Party Games

Rapunzel was always a fun birthday theme but ever since the Disney's adaptation Tangled hit the cinemas this theme became even more so popular. Any great themed birthday party needs great and fun party games! I do hope you will enjoy these fun ideas on Rapunzel party games!

Rapunzel (Disney Tangled)
Rapunzel (Disney Tangled)

Rapunzel Tower Craft

Creativity is great! Let your little guest be crafty! Have each of them make a cardboard tower. You supply them with colorful materials, cardboard paper, paper cups, wrapping paper (for decorations), yellow wool (so that they can braid Rapunzels hair), scissors, glue, glitter (sparkle, sparkle).

Pin the Hair on The Tower

A variation of pin the tail on the donkey - kids are blindfolded and need to pin the tail on the image of the donkey as accurate as possible.

There are many fun variations that would match this theme;

  • pin the hair on the tower window
  • pin the hair on Rapunzel
  • pin the chameleon on the Rapunzel's hand (as seen in Tangled)
  • pin the frying pan on Flynn's face (as Rapunzel from Tangled was very skilled with hitting Flynn with the pan on the face)
  • pin the tail on the horse

Rapunzel Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt games are perfect for any birthday party!

As a treasure you can use hair accessories, toy gems, candy. There are more than one way you can play this game!

  • follow the Rapunzel hair: you will need a yellow string (wool is perfect). Hide the treasure on one end of the string and then thread it around the room (or party place)! Make the route as fun as possible - go under the furniture, around trees, in and out of windows (if they are secure to be climbed out). Have the kids follow the thread until they find the treasure. You can even add "pit stops" where kids will need to solve puzzles or riddles.
  • post-it notes treasure hunt: write post it notes with clues where the next post it note is.
  • treasure map

Hair Swing Game

Rapunzel is well known for her long yellow hair! If you are having your party outdoors and if you have a tree that can support weight make a rope swing (if possible use yellow rope).

Have the kids swing the hair from one side to another - you can place a small obstacle over which they have to swing. Simple yet effective and fun activity.

Rapunzel Hair Braiding Game

Braiding is always fun! If your guests are mainly girls you can have them braid each other's hair.

If you will have a mix company than you can engage them in a fun braiding hair game - watch the video on the right to see how this fun activity can be played.

This game is perfect for larger groups and fits Rapunzel birthday party theme perfectly.


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    • profile image

      brehana 4 years ago

      you should take the hair braiding contest off the computer.

    • profile image

      brehana mcfarland 4 years ago

      Rapunzel hair braiding contest is crazy because I hade it at my birthday party and it did not work at all.