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Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

Updated on May 19, 2012

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!" So your little one wants to party with Rapunzel? Browse through food ideas, party supplies, decoration ideas and activity and games ideas for this lovely birthday party theme.


Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Every good party needs a great looking birthday cake! Purple cake with blonde hair (frosted on it) will look perfect.

You can take advantage of cake toppers to create your masterpiece.

With the help of rapunzel doll you could be making a fabolous looking doll cake, kids will love it and the birthday girl (or boy) will also love the doll gift that comes with this kind of cake.

If you will be having a big party with a lot of guest you could also be making a pretty simple tower cake - (check the tower cake tutorial)

Buy Cake Toper or Rapunzel Doll

Rapunzel Cupcakes

Purple buttercream (blueberry) on top of vanilla cupcakes will be perfect. You can also use yellow frosting and pipe it with french tip to get the hair effect.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Braided Bread

This will be a hit on this birthday party! You can make small braided bums and make sandwiches or create a really long braided bread loaf (stack smaller loafs).

Fairly simple to make, use your favourite bread recipe - you can add in an egg or two so that the bread will have a yellow color to it. When you finish braiding it spread some olive oil or scrambled egg on the loaf before putting it on the oven, this will not only make the crust taste better but will also give it a golden shine.



  • Stick with the colors purple, pink and yellow (balloons, streamers...)
  • Use yellow crepe streamers and decorate the room with them (rapunzel's hair)
  • Cardboard tower or a castle is a must
  • Dress up the host or the birthday girl into Rapunzel costume
  • you can also use some of the many official Disney Tangled (Rapunzel) party decorations and supplies - tablecloth, balloons, tableware, wall decals

Check The Official Disney Rapunzel Party Decorations


Rapunzel Party Supplies and Favors

There are official party supplies available if you wish to go with this theme.

Get the Tangled Birthday Party Pack

Birthday Party Games and Activities

  • braiding - have someone braid the hair of all of your guests
  • Rapunzel Photo Shot - have a cardboard tower with a window cut out. Take pictures of little princesses captured in the tower
  • Tower Craft - have the kids create towers out of cardboard (example)
  • Pin the Hair on the Tower - variation of pin the tail on the donkey
  • Pinata - make a round pinata and put a picture of the evil step mother on it


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