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Tank Dempsey in Call of Duty, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015
Tank Dempsey in Origins
Tank Dempsey in Origins | Source

Tank Dempsey is one of the favored characters in Zombie Mode for Call of Duty. He is an American Marine that was sent to find and recover an OSS agent that was thought to be discovered by the enemy. He has a tough guy mentality that not even Edward Richtofen could break.

In This Profile:

  • Biography of Tank Dempsey
  • The Tank Dempsey Story
  • Maps Tank Dempsey Appears In
  • Other Interesting Information

Biography of Tank Dempsey

Tank Dempsey is as patriotic as a Marine can be. While he is not considered to be highly intelligent, he has a drive that will not allow him to give up. He is quick to anger and will attempt to destroy any enemy that gets in his countries way.

Tank fought in World War II and was eventually sent to Peleliu. His unit was captured while conducting raids, before the main invasion. He was kept as a POW inside a rat infested bamboo cage, submerged in malaria water. Instead of giving up, the Tank gnawed his way though the cage and defeated his captors armed with only a bobby pin and his Medal of Honor.

He was later assigned to rescue an OSS agent who's identity was thought to have been compromised However, he was again captured during this mission. His presence tipped off Edward Richtofen to the possibility that American spies have infiltrated Group 935. The spy he was sent to save was killed due to these suspicions.

The Tank Dempsey Zombie Story

Tank Dempsey was sent to Germany with four other Marines in order to recover Peter McCain. His plane had to make an emergency crash landing, outside of a building they would refer to as 'Night of The Undead' (Nacht der Untoten in German).

They were attacked by a horde of zombies, but were able to escape. Once free of the zombie nightmare they headed to Verruckt, a nick name for an asylum. They thought they might find Peter there. But, they once again found themselves surrounded by zombies. They fought off the zombie, but in the end Tank Dempsey was the only American Marine to survive the encounter. He was exhausted and badly injured. Before he could find a method for communication he was captured by Germans and brought to Der Riese.

At Der Riese a scientist with Group 935 conducted experiments on him and two other prisoners, Nikolia Belinski and Takeo Masaki. He replaced a test subject from Mexico that did not survive the experiments. These experiments included exposure to Element 115, which eventually caused temporary memory loss. Even though he could not remember who he was, he still knew he disliked the German, Edward Richtofen, that was experimenting on him.

Edward Richtofen brought Tank Dempsy and the other two test subjects to Shi No Numa in an attempt to secure a larger supply of Element 115. While there he found the hanging body of Peter McCain. Tank did not recognize Peter due to his memory loss. The Imperial Soldiers in the area were exposed to large levels of Element 115. They turned into zombies and attacked the group. They survived Shi No Numa and went back to Der Riese.

Der Riese was already infected with zombies when they arrived. They once again had to fight off hoards of zombies. They acquired a new weapon, the Wunderwaffe and used it to power the Matter Transference Device (teleporter). However, the large amount of power overloaded the M.T.D. and ripped a hole in the time space continuum. The ended up Teleporting 20 years into the future, inside a theater they called Kino der Toten (Theater of The Damned).

Tank Dempsey continued to travel with Edward Richtofen, not realizing Richtofens real plans. He helped him free Gersch in Ascension, get the Vril Generator in Siberia (Call of The Dead), and find the Focusing Stone in Shangri-La.

Finally they traveled to the Moon from a teleporter in Area 51. Tank believed that they were completing steps to stop the zombies, when in reality he was helping Edward Richtofen take control of the Aether through the M.P.D. that Griffin Station was built around. It was not until Richtofen had succeeded in switching bodies with Samantha Maxis that he realized that he had been tricked.

Tank Dempsey and his group followed instructions from another German scientist, Dr. Ludvig Maxis. They thought the instructions would minimize the damage caused by Richtofen having control of the Aether. Instead they launched rockets towards the Earth, causing massive damage.

Maps Tank Dempsey Appears In

  • Green Run (Mentioned by Edward Richtofen)
  • Moon
  • Shangri-La
  • Call of The Dead - (Voice Only)
  • Ascension
  • Five (Voice heard on the phone)
  • Kino der Toten
  • Der Riese
  • Shi No Numa
  • Nacht der Untoten

Other Interesting Information about Tank Dempsey

  • Dempsey calls the Wunderwaffe DG2 the "Wonder Waffle". This is why most players started to call it by this name.
  • He is one of the only characters that will talk directly to the player.
  • Misty and Dempsey have a similar attitude. Some believe that she is his daughter.


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