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Tap Sports Baseball Mobile Game Tips and Tricks Guide

Updated on December 3, 2014
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Sam is a reformed personal finance blogger that now focuses on mobile gaming and the obsessively fun "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" (SWGOH).

Simplified Management

First, let's tackle the good news. You do not have to be a hardcore baseball fan to enjoy Tap Sports Baseball. You'll notice from the outset that things have been dumbed down for beginners like myself so the game is most definitely easy to pick up and difficult to master.

As a manager, your job is to get good players and good bonuses. Here are your different options to do so:

  • Draft picks - You can buy draft picks using either gold or cash which will net you a field player or a pitcher for your bullpen.
  • On the low end of things is the Late Round Draft Pick which will most likely be 1-2 stars with an outside shot at 2.5-3 stars. Don't waste your time on buying these as you'll get several for free as you start playing the game.
  • Next up you have the Second Round Draft Pick which is more 2-3 starts with an outside shot of 3.5+ stars. It's a sweet spot at the price of $4000 cash and these will be immediate upgrades when you start out.
  • First Round Draft Pick is 3-4 stars with a slight chance at something better. Think of these as potential all stars. If you draft one, you're going to have a long time fixture for your lineup.
  • #1 Draft Pick is the creme de la creme and will net you someone you've probably heard of if you follow baseball at all. They're not cheap but could very well be worth it.
  • Free Agents are the other way to get new players. You'll see a list of 4 or 5 players that are all going to be slight upgrades to moderate upgrades for your team. If you're really hurting at a specific position, then free agents can be a quick fix.

Tap Sports Baseball - Part Management Part Sports Game

Tap Sports Baseball is my favorite type of sports video game. Harkening to the best Madden console titles and even Bases Loaded on the original Nintendo, Tap Sports Baseball puts you both in the front office as well as on the field. Whether you're playing on Android or IOS you've probably noticed that there is a lot going on in the game, so let's take a look and break it down into small pieces so we can get straight to winning the pennant.

After the initial setup, you get a look at your team ranging from the borderline starting player (2 stars) to mostly a group of misfits (1-1.5 stars). It's suddenly very clear that it's going to be a long road to win any games, and getting good players isn't even half of the struggle. You'll have to balance your resources to get good players, good management bonuses, and most importantly, become good at playing the game.

So where do we start?

Management Continued

As the game was designed for baseball enthusiasts and newbies alike, the management side of the game is simple but robust at the same time. The game lets you focus on the fun parts of getting players that you want, while handling the details like setting your batting order. The game also automatically swaps out players when you draft or purchase a better player at the same position. This really comes in handy when it comes to pitching as a new #1 starting pitcher will result in the game optimizing the rest of your rotation as well.

The other major part on the management side is Upgrades. These are basically team-level bonuses that can be leveled up by using your gold or cash:

  • Hitting Coach - Upgrade to help your batters get on base more often.
  • Base Coach - Upgrade to help your team get more steal and take extra bases.
  • Trainer - Upgrade to increase your offensive power so you get more extra base hits (doubles, triples, and home runs)
  • Pitching Coach - Upgrade to help your pitches get outs more easily.
  • Pitch Calling - Upgrade which increases your strikeouts and reduces the number of walks your pitchers throw
  • Catcher Arm - Upgrade to your ability to pick off runners trying to steal bases.
  • Infield Hands - Upgrade to reduce infield errors and botched grounders.
  • Outfield Hands - Upgrade to reduce outfield errors and misplayed fly balls.
  • Outfield Arms - Upgrade to your outfielders' arm strength so they can catch more runners and dissuade them from attempting to take extra bases.

Tap Sports Baseball

Tap Sports Baseball
Tap Sports Baseball | Source

You Play Offense, You Manage Defense

More good news, you only have to worry about actually playing the offensive side of the ball. Actually, it's simpler than that, you worry about the hitting and you'll be given opportunities to decide what your players will do in other situations.

Example 1: When you have a base runner on 2nd, then you may be asked whether you want your batter to attempt a bunt to maximize the base runners chance of getting to 3rd.

Example 2: When you have a base runner on 1st, then you may be asked whether you want that player to attempt a steal of 2nd base.

Example 3: When you have a base hit, and your base runner is rounding 2nd or 3rd base, then you may be asked whether you want the player to attempt to reach the next base.

On the defensive side of things, you'll be relying heavily on your upgrades, your pitching rotation, and you'll basically have 1 decision between innings (when asked): Whether to pull your pitcher when they're getting tired or fading.

Tap Sports Baseball Video

Player Rankings and Ratings

Players come in all shapes and sizes, and what will matter most is their star level:

1 star players are bench warmers plain and simple

1.5 star players are situational starters. When you're starting out, you may have a few you're depending on.

2 star players are your core starters when you begin playing the game.

2.5 star players are a step above but really won't result in a huge boost in performance.

3 star players are nice players and once you have a full roster of 3 star guys then you'll be pretty pleased with how they play.

3.5 star players are your All Star caliber players. They're likely not household names but they can bring home the bacon.

4 star players are All Stars. I love getting 4 star players.

4.5-5 star players are the best in the game, and they are very hard to get.

Also, depending on the player group, you'll see individual ratings in the following categories:

  • Hit - For hitters, this is their ability to make contact to have a chance at getting on base
  • Power - For hitters, this is their ability to get extra base hits (doubles, triples, home runs)
  • Speed - For hitters, this is their ability to get to the next base quickly. It's most important when you're considering stealing bases or sending a runner to home base.
  • Arm - For pitchers, this is how hard they throw the ball
  • Control - For pitchers, this is how accurate their pitches are
  • Stuff - For pitches, this is how hard it is to make contact

Tap Sports Baseball

4 stars for Tap Sports Baseball

Tips and Tricks Guide Part 1

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let's get to tips:

  1. Collect your stats achievements. One feature that's touched on when you play, but easily missed, is your stats achievements section. As you play more games and you have individual and team milestones, you'll unlock gold and cash bonuses which you collect in stats achievements.
  2. Wait until you've moved up to semi-pro level. So when you start playing the game, you basically will have to win 3 games to get to the playoffs and then 2 more games to get to semi-pro level. When you level up, the leap in competition as well as the improvement in free agents is significant. So instead of using all your gold and cash to pump up your team with Late Round Draft Picks, wait until you get to semi-pro and use your gold wisely on targeted free agent moves.
  3. Higher draft picks are gold. If #1 Draft Picks are gold, then 1st Round Draft Picks are silver, 2nd Round Draft picks are bronze, and Late Round Draft Picks are 4th place in the Olympics. Since you're going to be successful at this game and you'll be playing for a while, then you're going to want to focus on getting as many Silver and Gold level transactions as possible. Don't blow the kitten kaboodle on 2nd Round Draft Picks.
  4. Invest in pitching. Since you're not actually playing on the defensive side of the ball, all you can really do is get good pitchers to improve that half of the game. You need 4 starters, 3 relievers and a closer so you're not going to run into situations where you have too many pitchers.
  5. Remember this is baseball, not basketball. In basketball, 1 superstar changes the game entirely. Lebron James makes everyone else better and is worth 25-30 points on his own. In baseball, aside from a stud starting pitcher, no other play is going to be worth a run. Make sure you don't have any holes in your lineup, rather than getting just 1 good player.

Tap Sports Baseball Management

Tap Sports Baseball Management
Tap Sports Baseball Management | Source

Have you started playing Tap Sports Baseball yet?

Have you started playing Tap Sports Baseball yet?

See results

Tips and Tricks Guide Part 2

Now, to the actual playing of the game:

  1. Don't bother swinging at balls. Especially early on, your players are unlikely to get on base even with the perfect pitch. If you try to swing at curveballs, outside pitches or pitches in the dirt, then you're just going to end up either striking out or popping it up.
  2. Don't attempt to steal extra bases if you have less than 5 speed. General rule of thumb, if you have a guy with 4 speed, don't try to steal the base. Also, don't try extending plays unless you have at least 5 speed.
  3. Bunting works...usually. If you've watched baseball lately, you rarely see the bunt unless it's the 9th inning in a playoff matchup. But in this game, when offered the bunt with a baserunner on 1st or 2nd, it works. Obviously if you have a good hitter up next, skip the bunt and just hit the darn ball out of the ballpark.
  4. Invest in Upgrades. I know it sounds like the 1 or 2% improvement in hitting ability or reduced errors seems trivial, but when you add them up together, it makes the difference between a 2 star team and a 2.5 star team.
  5. Be patient. You're playing other folks so you have to wait for them to play the other half of the inning. Don't give up on the game; it's a lot of fun.

Update: Advanced Tips

Hey gang, just wrote up some advanced tips in a separate article, so if you're interested, here's the link:


About DealForALiving

I believe that being frugal and making smart money choices is like any other exercise. As we continue to practice good habits in saving money where possible, finding deals for what we want, and having a good time at it, then we become better at dealing for a living.

I'm committed to sharing my experiences with getting the most out of using credit cards, saving and spending tips, and I might even add a slice of perspective without trying to be a psychoanalyst like some other personal finance folks out there.

Please let me know what you think and if you'd like to hear my take on a specific topic.

Most Sincerely,


PS. I've also started writing on my own site:

Tap Sports Baseball: A Good Time

I admit that I'm biased as someone that likes sports management video games, but this game is a blast. Not only do you get to put together an improving baseball roster, but the actual batting experience is thrilling and rewarding. It's difficult given how fast the pitches come in, but when you get a double down the line, it feels awesome.

In mobile gaming, you usually either have to accept a game with levels designed to be consumed in 30 second chunks, or games that take 2 hours to get through the initial tutorial. Tap Sports Baseball is both, and it's just as good when you have 30 seconds as when you have 2 hours to really dig in.

Please let me know if you're playing so I can set up a match.

Tap Sports Baseball Batting

Tap Sports Baseball Batting
Tap Sports Baseball Batting | Source


DealForALiving | Source


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I got a question! So I have the players needed to make a trade for a 5 star starting pitcher ( juiced Tim Lincecum.) But at the cost of my 5 star 1b Mitch Moreland (9 power) and 5 star closer (Sergio romo) the bee starting pitcher could yield a lot of wins, but at the cost of one of my best hitters that accounts for a lot of RBI. What's the better move? Keep my hitter and closer or a juiced starting pitcher?

    • profile image

      Fatty Mattu 

      5 years ago

      This game is so freaking frustrating. Pictures will throw 5 foot curveballs for a perfect strike and they really make it hard to lay off balls that are slightly inside or outside. I would never spend a goddamn penny with them. Too frustrating

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Horrible customer service and this is the type of hacker BS you have to deal with. This screenshot was taken about halfway through a weekend "event." 1st place gets a good player and the rest of the folks who place in the top 100 get various prizes. The player "Tigerbaymafia" would have had to spend A LOT of money to come close to scoring 491300 event points (And this was only halfway through!)

      The developer "GLU" does absolutely nothing about this (or they are involved with the scoring so people spend more money). I don't know why the MLB players association even lends their stamp to this garbage. Do yourself a favor and don't spend your money on this one.

      Displaying IMG_0028.jpg

    • snerfu profile image

      Vivian Sudhir 

      5 years ago from Madurai, India

      Great write up. Lovely article.

    • profile image

      $ L O W H A N D 

      5 years ago

      @puffpuffpass - Dickey is a real pitcher, he is a knuckleballer so yes he can do that with a ball. Eat hat and maybe take your own advice and watch some baseball.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      there is no skill to this game it's about who could outspend the other guy on upgrades.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Dickey is a real pitcher. His best pitch is called a knuckle ball. He used to be on the Mets.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      They should have called it popup derby. It's also funny how it's a lot easier to get on base when you have 2 outs. And what's up with the pitcher named Dicky? Show me someone that can make a ball do what he does with a pitch and i'll eat his hat. This game is about an inch from being a great game. The makers should watch some baseball and adjust the game to real life baseball.

    • DealForALiving profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Deal 

      6 years ago from Earth

      Good catch ethan!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      if the opponent is playing their "infield in", then bunting is a BAD idea. otherwise agree with your write-up!

    • DealForALiving profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Deal 

      6 years ago from Earth

      Thanks for stopping by Timothy. Stuff reigns supreme. If you face a pitcher with good stuff, he's a lot more difficult than a pitcher with good control.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What's more important? Control or stuff with starting pitchers?

    • DealForALiving profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Deal 

      6 years ago from Earth

      It's probably more difficult reading about it then playing it :) Or my writing style is going to scare folks off from trying it

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      6 years ago from Shelton

      Looks like a complicated game this tap sport..but I love baseball.. maybe it'll come easy if I read this hub again slowly :)

    • DealForALiving profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Deal 

      6 years ago from Earth

      That would be a big jump to a phone with apps! I'll tell you though, this game is a doozy.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      6 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Well I love baseball, but I don't have a phone with apps. Looks like I might have to consider getting one, because this looks like something I could become addicted to.

    • DealForALiving profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Deal 

      6 years ago from Earth

      Thanks for the message DDE. I hope you get to try Tap Sports Baseball!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A well-informed hub on baseball. I like the game and have always wanted to watch a live match but have not yet got the chance.


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