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TaviRider's World of Redstone Tutorial

Updated on April 16, 2011

Wish you could be a redstone super engineer like that one guy who made a working computer in Minecraft? Dislike reading webpages with lots of dull words and diagrams on them? Feel that you learn better by playing Minecraft than by learning? Then TaviRider's World of Redstone is a save file you simply must have.

It's a Minecraft world, but it's also a tutorial you can literally walk through. This is almost as cool as having holodecks like they did on Star Trek. I can't wait for holodecks, but in the meantime, I'll take Minecraft world saves painstakingly put together by people who are awesome for informational purposes.

This isn't just a gimmicky idea, this is a full scale working redstone tutorial. Sections include:

  • Redstone Basics

  • Advanced Redstone Concepts

  • Basic Logic Gates

  • Advanced Redstone Circuits

  • Common Redstone Constructions

If it were possible to get a degree in Minecraft, this would be a paper all on its own. This would be half a semester's work, and you could attend class in the comfort of your own bunker whilst wearing a cookie monster skin. The world is a better place than you ever thought it was!

So what can you expect when you load this world? Well first of all you can expect a bunch of tutorials in example format, but you can also expect to find an underground bunker at the very beginning (be sure to walk around the wall of cheerful introductions, open the doors at the back and descend into the earth. What you'll find there is a wonderful storage facility, filled with all the supplies you could ever want or need.

Will this be all you need to understand how to design redstone circuits that do amazing things? Probably not. There is a redstone basics section, but immediately opposite it are examples of NOT, AND, OR, NAND, XOR, etc gated. If you don't know what the heck a XOR gate would be used for, then you're not much the wiser.

Where this world does come in very handy is in backing up written tutorials. It's one thing to read about what a circuit does and how to make it, it's quite another to have a working example right in front of your face that can be copied and integrated into your own creations.

Having said that, there are quite a few instances in which simple redstone applications are demonstrated admirably, as in the case of pressure plate operated doors, minecart stations, automated musical blocks that play tunes, flaming arrow dispenser traps that fire dozens of fiery arrows at anyone silly enough to get themselves stuck in them and so, so much more. I really can't recommend this world download enough.

Download TaviRider's World of Redstone

Oh my, what is this fine passage of flaming lava?
Oh my, what is this fine passage of flaming lava?
It's a trap!
It's a trap!


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