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Teach me bass guitar reviews

Updated on September 20, 2014
Learn to play guitar
Learn to play guitar

For budding bassists or those with experience looking to get back to basics or even for someone who’s never picked up a bass guitar before, Nashville bassist Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar program has something to teach. Here’s a look at what the program has to offer to help those of you out there looking for methodical training videos beyond the random YouTube tutorials.

The Package

First, here’s a look at the packaging that arrives when you purchase the product. Teach Me Bass Guitar comes as a set of 20 lessons on 10 DVDs, along with a PDF in one that can be printed out. If you like, at the time of purchase you can also order this eBook in print.

The Scope of the Lessons

They extensively cover several aspects of the bass guitar starting with the basic names of the strings in lesson 1 and following it up with hardware, styles of picking, left and right-hand techniques, thumb positions, using a metronome, musical notation basics, warm-up exercises, etc. The lessons cover 4 – 7 string bass guitars and include sections on how to care for your bass, effects and eq.

With Teach Me Bass Guitar you can learn most things related to bass, including how to play notes in different positions, types of notes, scales, swing, shuffles, blues, soloing, funk, jazz concepts, chords, tapping and much more.

From lesson 16 to lesson 19 you will be able to make use of the working pro toolkit. This toolkit covers elements of bass guitar like standard progressions, sight-reading, world music and the Nashville number system among other things.

The loop library is another great feature of the program which contains loops of sections of the lessons which you can play again if you are having trouble with them. They are titled functionally, so you can easily locate them depending on the lesson you are at.

The Format

The lessons are recorded in high quality wide screen video formats. The videos were shot in the ‘Chateau Groove’ which is a warm and ambient coffee-house setting where Roy is present with his band to take you through the instructional. He speaks directly to the viewer and is assisted by a moonfaced assistant named Ralph who chimes in with a mix of funny and serious text box commentary from the bottom of the screen.

Each lesson also includes a fingerboard display on screen which displays what is being played by Roy during the lesson. The fingerboard shoes the part of the neck he is playing on. At the end of most lessons, you will see a jam session based on what the lesson covered. During these sessions, Roy plays the tune slow at first, giving you a chance to play with the band in place of Roy after that. Next, this is repeated at a faster tempo.

Thunder Row

Your Teach Me Bass Guitar pack will also come with a Thunder Row code, which refers to the code you will need to register online at Thunder Row. Thunder Row is the online companion to the program. If you have a question, you can post it here. If you want feedback on your playing, you can post a video. Responses will usually be from other bass players like yourself, and you’ll find your questions are answered quite efficiently.

You can also directly post a question to Roy himself. Thunder Row also offer plenty of giveaways, and is a space for posting your classifieds, gigs, tips and tricks as well.

Teach Me Bass Guitar, also called TMBG by the initiated, is a great product to have whether you are a pro bassist or a beginner. Of course it’s not going to perform a miracle for you – you will need to practice to be perfect. But it is a tool that offers you plenty of advice that you could use on your journey to play the bass guitar.


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