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Team up at Call of Mini: Zombies by Triniti Interactive Limited

Updated on December 12, 2011

Call of Mini: Zombies is a Gun Bro like shooting game but with the character of the LEGO body and the enemies are different kind of zombies.

In the 1.7 version there are only 3 maps available, but each map has different strong monsters, since I have just started this game, I only unlocked the second map and have difficulties to fight with the monsters there. Each map has 5 stages and each stage has 50 waves of the monsters.

In the first map which is the Luxury Heights, there are about 7 kinds of different zombies, each has its own attack mode.

Shambler: They are the basic zombies which can only attack us when we are right beside them.

Security Guard: This zombie can shoot bullet towards us, luckily the bullet flies slow.

Gasbomb: It has a lot of HP, but when it is near us, it will rush towards us, and this time we can kill it just by one bullet.

Pyro: Large red zombie which can blast large fire wave to attack us, do not even be close to it.

Putridifier: This zombie can shoot green gas behind us, make several turns and we can get avoid the gas.

Butcher: Use huge Axle to attack us, do not stand near him.

And the last one is a zombie spider which can use a shield to avoid our attack, but it can not move when it uses the shield. so just keep shooting it when it has no shield on it.

After every battle, we will gain EXP to level up and money to buy new weapons and armors. The game right now has 255 levels and the money is quite hard to get, since we need to survive lots of battles to buy a new weapon.

One good aspect of this game is it can team up with your Game Center friend, unfortunately my friends do not play this game, and I can only use the computer alley to fight together. Hope I can find some friends to team up in the game, you can find me in the Game Center through my email:, and you can also leave your email or nickname in the comments, so we can make friends here.

Hope every one enjoy this game.


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