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The Teddy Bear Doctor

Updated on November 21, 2013
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Neil is the father of five children, three grandchildren (and counting) and cares for a dog and a cat.

One of the many teddy bears that live at our house.
One of the many teddy bears that live at our house.
Teddy bears are not the only stuffed animals that might need a doctor.
Teddy bears are not the only stuffed animals that might need a doctor.

A Little History:

The Teddy Bear was originally named after US President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, who supposedly refused to shoot a bear cub on a hunting trip. Since then these stuffed bears have been a popular gift for children and collectors alike.

When my first child was born I never imagined that my duties as a father would include being a teddy bear doctor. However, I soon learned otherwise.
The need to become a qualified teddy bear doctor came just after my daughter turned one. While we were shopping at a garage sale, she found an old koala bear which she had picked up and refused to put down. Since time had taken its toll on the bear, there were several places where the stitching had come undone. My daughter called these 'owies'. It didn't take long to get a system down for fixing the holes while reassuring my daughter that her constant companion would be alright.
The nice thing about these skills is that they apply to any stuffed animal that a child (and we are all children at heart) may have. The sewing skills required are really simple. Thread a needle, hold the ends together, tie a knot and pull the two sides of the hole together. If the hole in on a seam, begin where the seam is still solid. If it is not, pull the two edges together and begin sewing. Work on the inside for as much of the tear as possible wrapping the thread over the seam, then at the end use a straight seam and once you have tied another knot, hide the end inside the animal.
Being a teddy bear doctor also requires the ability to show loving concern for the patient, and reassure the patient’s owner that all will be well. Fortunately the physical skills as well as the psychological skills come with time, and improve with practice.
The pay may not be good, but the rewards are priceless, and think of where your teddy bear would be if there were no teddy bear doctors.



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    • Leaderofmany profile image

      Leaderofmany 5 years ago from Back Home in Indiana

      How precious, my oldest child ad bunny that he carried around everywhere. Well we dropped bunny while we were out. We had to search town for another bunny just like his. Now, bunny has been passed to his child.