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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Updated on July 31, 2013

Tekken Tag Introduction

The Tekken Tag games have been a great addition to the normal Tekken games, this is mostly because they always bring back as many characters as possible. The gameplay is mostly the same except that you can now switch out with your partner. In this second installment the tag moves that you can perform are on a different level to the first Tekken Tag. Previously you could only switch out your characters after hitting your opponent in the air.

They have introduced the tag assault, were you can slam your opponent to the floor and bring your tag partner in to attack. The juggling combos are what usually gets you the win as you can juggle an opponent and take of almost half their life.

Tekken Tag Tournament


Tekken Tag Characters

In the Tekken Tag games they bring as many characters back into the game as possible. The first Tekken Tag had characters from both Tekken 3 and Tekken 2. This Tekken has characters from 6 till 2.

Tekken Tag 2 Gameplay

If you have played Tekken 5 and / or 6 you will know that the amount of moves each character has, has vastly increased. This was to allow you to put more moves together in order to make a aerial combo. The focus is still on this in this game but they make it a lot easier. They give you sample combos in the command list in case you have trouble making your own. They also put symbols under moves in the command list that tell you what type of move it is. This ranges from slams, breakers and switchers (not the names they use). Switchers are moves that knock the opponent into the air, after which you can press the tag button to switch out with your partner. Slams can be used to hit an opponent to the ground and if used after a switcher will allow initiation of a tag assault. Breakers are moves that when used in a place were walls, fences or floors can be broken will send the opponent flying to another place.

Pair Play is new mode were two players can play on the same side against either the computer story mode, ghost battle or online against other players. The story mode is basically ghost battles until about stage 7 were you have to face set enemies.

One of the probably best features in the game is the new Combot mode, this is because they have changed Combot from being like Mokujin and into a move customization character. By playing the Combot mode you can earn moves for Combot to learn and also money to buy new moves. You can equip Combot with the moves of any character and so can complete your own personal character with the best moves of your favorite characters. The problem with the story is it can be very long and so remember you will need to be playing it for a while to unlock all the moves.

Tekken Tag 2 Combos

Tekken Tag 2 Online

The online experience will vary as your online rank is different to your offline rank and some people will want to practice before going online. Some people will go from beginner to 1st Dan with 100% wins thinking they are great at the game. Then they start to find the people that properly know how to play, also the people that will do the same moves over and over. This is the point were the game can get frustrating.

The other problem is that by choosing to connect with players that have a good internet connection could mean connecting with players at a much higher level than you and so build up your losses. At one point in the game you will find that players you can beat will just disconnect their console so that they don't get a loss, this doesn't make much difference to you unless your next character is one of a much higher level again.

Tekken Tag 2 Ending Movies

Unlike with Tekken 6 how you had one long story that incorporated in all other characters, they have reverted back to previous games with only ending movies. These ending movies are mostly the character beating up a load of gang members except for main characters.

Tekken Tag 2 Good / Bad

I would have to say this has been one of the most fun Tekken games yet. however I don't know if it beats the conquest mode in Tekken 6. The only reason I would give the edge to Tekken Tag 2 is because they realized not everyone wants to play online. They took of the 1st Dan limit in offline mode and added more co-op modes so you can play two player without being online.

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4 stars for Tekken Tag 2


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