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Ten Annoying Bosses in Games

Updated on January 15, 2018

Bosses are common in games, they test the limits of the players and force them to try their hardest to defeat them however some can be very annoying with this. Here are ten of them.

#10, Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles: Selvaria is one of three generals for the Imperial Army, while one is a tank commanding master and the other is a man with strange tactics Selvaria is one who can use the ancient power of the Valkyria to defeat enemies with ease. Alicia another Valkyur defeats her and forces Selvaria to use guns instead of powerful ancient weapons. Her new gun has the range of a sniper rifle with the automatic power of a Heavy Machine-Gun and can annihilate your squad if not careful. When you face her in this state you are surrounded by enemies and given little room for error, if not taken out quickly she will destroy your team or the numerous other enemies will. What makes it worse is that she dodges everything you throw at her, you need to use 'Awaken Potential' on an ally so they use 'Undodgeable Shot' to hit her but even then it still isn't easy. This battle might take you many tries and many shouts of anger. She is a great character and has a stunning look but the battles you face her in are strictly annoying.

#9, Malus from Shadow of the Colossus: SOTC is a game where you basically just face bosses, each can be much different from the last and while many of them are larger then life Malus dwarfs them. Malus is the tallest of all colossi and has a powerful lightning ball attack that can stun you until your dead, you also lose your horse in a fall previous to this. Getting to Malus is tough enough but climbing him is worse, your grip gauge can plummet quickly if not careful and if you fall chances are you might either die or get seriously injured. Once to the spot on his head where you can hurt him it isn't that hard really it is more of the journey to that point that is tough.

#8, The Warrior from Borderlands 2: The Warrior is an ancient alien being with powerful attacks and is used by Handsome Jack to try and wipe off all life on Pandora, probably. The Warrior is a massive being and where you fight him other enemies and lava will be somewhat of a problem. When I fought him I didn't die because of him I died because I kept getting blasted into the lava. If downed the smaller enemies around will help you get back up but the lava is such a pain, The Warrior will repeatedly do an attack where you are hurled in a certain direction which is terrible, other then that he is rather easy to beat.

#7, Seishiro Munakata from Yakuza 4:There are many annoying battles in Yakuza 4 but none come closer then this, Munakata is the head of the Tokyo Police and uses his influence to try and scheme. Throughout the game many twists and turns happen, one happens to be when strange cop Tanimura faces off against him. Munakata is surrounded by heavily armed men with knives, guns and some tazers. Munakata will keep his distance from you and fire which will often stop your combos which will then leave you open to a butt whoopin' by all other men. Many health potions and curse words later it is just you two, he will still try to run but he is easy to stop afterwards, but like in pure Yakuza fashion they leave a gun close enough to him where he will grab it and try to kill someone. You won't really face this boss head on until all of his goons are taken care of.

#6, The Fury from Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater: The Fury is one of the Cobras a special fighting force under command by The Boss, The Fury is a man who dawns an astronaut suit and wields a flamethrower and a jet-pack. The fuel he uses is very similar to the type of fuel used in rockets which meant that it could stay burning for long after it had been lit aflame. You fight him in a dark room which makes it hard too see him, you can hear his footsteps and him speaking but you can also run into him rather easily. He will use his flamethrower and jet-pack to leave much of the area covered in fire which makes it harder to avoid him. He can be very annoying and sometimes the bullets fired from cover won't hit him.

#5, Giant Eel from Super Mario Sunshine: In this level you become a dentist, a giant eel at the bottom of the waters has bad teeth which are polluting the water above which means it is your job to clean the pricks teeth. The Giant Eel can suck you down his gullet or you will die of air loss, coins litter the area so you can replenish your oxygen but it becomes a bit of a pain with how the boss acts. He will spin around quickly or have poisonous air bubbles come up to hit you. The threat of having to dodge underwater as well as save up coins in order to stay alive long enough can also be a bit of a hassle.

#4, Bane from Batman Arkham Asylum: Bane is one of Batman's more powerhouse type of villains, he is a large Luchadore who uses a substance called Venom to increase his strength to super human levels. He is a known to be a great tactician despite his muscular appearance but in Arkham Asylum they throw it all away. Bane broke The Bat so its a little disappointing seeing such a beloved character turn into a simple minded brute you have fought several times already. All he does is charge at you and maybe throw a thing or two, lesser enemies will come in but if you dodge his charge chances are he will take out a few of them. He is not hard at all and the annoying aspect comes from it being a simple Titan battle, he does nothing but do what a regular idiot brute would do.

#3, Regent of the Mask from Ninja Gaiden: The Regent is the main antagonist of the game and while not the final boss he has shown to be quite a annoyance, such as many bosses in Ninja Gaiden. The Regent is a skilled swordsman who favors the Rapier as his style of weapon, he is a fast combatant and skilled with hand to hand combat as well as some magic. If not careful you can be quickly destroyed by the regents flurry of attacks and strikes, the first area you fight him in has a bad camera so that makes it more difficult alone but what makes it worse is that the Regent is able to parry much of your attacks, he is quite a pain to defeat.

#2, T-Rex from Turok: Well here we are, fighting giant lizards now. You face the large beast a few times in the game but the final time is when he is the hardest, you fight him out in the open in a area where it is quite easy to be gobbled up. Weapons and health packs litter the area which help a bit but not really. The Tyrannosaurus Rex can take alot of damage and he can move across the map fairly quickly so trying to get a good shot can sometimes be a little difficult to do. He can instantly kill you if not careful so keeping your distance is a necessity.

#1, Mira from Dragonball Xenoverse: Mira is a creation of a demon by the name of Towa and he seems to believe he is the greatest warrior, much like a few other beings in the world. Mira will come at you arms a swinging and he gives you little chance to attack, he cannot flinch so getting a combo on him at times can be quite difficult and his spamming of Specials and Finishers can be quite annoying as well. I failed multiple times till he simply stopped coming after me and I used Super Saiyan to Ultimate him into submission. Not a proud victory but it is a victory.


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    • Thomas Finney profile image

      Thomas Finney 2 months ago

      That I agree with.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 2 months ago from Singapore

      Argg, Ninja Gaiden. I think every boss, wait, every enemy in it is annoying.