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Ten Awesome Side-Characters In Games

Updated on January 8, 2018

Side characters are one of the main staples in games, they aren't fully main characters but they aren't just people walking about to make the world feel full. Some characters manage the impossible, maybe they get their own game or play a more dominant part in a story. Anyways here are Ten Awesome Side-Characters, the list is in random order.

#10, Luigi. Green Mario, Luigi Mario or Green Stache this guy has been around almost as long as his brother but doesn't tend to get the spotlight like his brother does, Luigi is taller, more athletic but tends to be kind of a wimp. Eventually this green clothed warrior of the Mushroom Kingdom got his own game in the form of Luigi's Mansion, in this game his cowardice is shown throughout it but like a man he braves through it all to save his brother. Luigi is known as Legendary in Mario and Luigi Superstar saga, while he hasn't been able to get out of his brothers shadow he has shown the world that he is one awesome Goomba stomping, Boo vacuuming, Koopa shell throwing character, with a nice mustache to boot.

#9, The four characters from The Darkness 2. Jackie Estacado is the main character of both the Darkness 1 and 2 but in the second game four people are rather awesome in their own way. Jimmy Wilson the drunken Scotsman with a Darkness Axe, JP Dumond a powerful mystic with the Midnight Stick, Shoshanna the skilled agent with the Arm of the Night and Inugami the deadly Samurai with Kusanagi. Four characters while not a vessel for the Darkness like Jackie they are still able to use Dark Powers thanks to each of their weapons, whether it is summoning black holes to suck in enemies or channeling darkness through guns they all are incredibly powerful and have some nice conversations with one another, as well as alot of fighting.

#8, Midna. Midna is a character from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and is one of the most popular characters from the game franchise, for good reason. Midna is a Twili, a race that was banished to the Twilight Realm because of dark magic. Midna was chosen to become the next queen which the position of ruler was meant for a man named Zant, so Zant takes over and curses Midna to look like an imp to humiliate her and then the game plays. Midna is a bit of a cynic and has somewhat of a dark humor, since she is from the Twilight Realm she can't stand the sun much like a Vampire so she resides to hiding in Link's shadow for the game. Her impish appearance is rather adorable and her more human form is rather smexy but Midna at the end of the game returned to her world and closed the gate, however in a Game Informer interview Eiji Aonuma said that she might come back if the fans beg enough for it. Well if they want her back badly anyways.

#7, Moogles. Moogles are the adorable rabbit like race from Final Fantasy, they have a variety of roles from being playable characters to selling items or being summoned. The cute little guys have a fondness for humans and like to run around them quite alot, they like to say Kupo alot which no one seems to know the meaning of. Montblanc is one of my personal favorites and he shows up in Final Fantasy Tactics as a playable character. These adorable little guys have bat or Gothic like wings as well as a Pom-Pom dangling from the top of their head, which they don't seem to like people touching.

#6, Mad Moxxi. Mad Moxxi is the curvaceous and dangerous club owner on Pandora, even had a slaughter dome once. Moxxi is a club owner and rather seductive with how she acts and talks. In Borderlands 2 she will give missions and even sometimes a weapon or two, advice as well. She is a bit of an open card, she is bisexual and has had an assortment of husbands and things she calls "Toys" which doesn't sound to pleasant. Moxxi in her early days was a dangerous fighter and though now she be but a humble bar keep she still has quite the dangerous string, even threatening to kill a guy or two. Moxxi was even the main squeeze of Handsome Jack the main antagonist of the second Borderlands game, for a time that is until she was dumped for someone else.

#5, Vamp. Vamp is a enemy in Metal Gear and one of the cooler and more dangerous beings, so much that he can take fatal injuries and still survive. Vamp is an ex-member of Deadcell, an anti terrorist organization. When Vamp was younger his family was killed in a church bombing, he was pinned under a crucifix and survived hunger for two days by feeding on the blood of his family, which gave him a taste for human blood. The Romanian weirdo. Vamp is able to run across water, stand on vertical walls and is a master of knives and close quarters combat. The man is near immortal thanks to the nanomachines that were inserted into his body, this bisexual blood lusting creep is a menacing threat but not bad on the eyes.

#4, Maleficent. In Kingdom Hearts there are loads of different enemies and bosses, however Maleficent is the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts 1 and has shown to be a big threat whether or not she is there. Maleficent is an evil fairy who possess's powerful dark magic, she is the antagonist of Sleeping Beauty and makes reappearances throughout the Kingdom Hearts games. While in the first she did try to take over the world by forming an army of villains she was defeated, she gets resurrected in the second game but while she does still plan to take over the world towards the end of the game she ends up helping the heros.

#3, Issun. Issun The Wandering Artist is one of the side characters in Okami, due to the main character not actually talking he tends to talk for them both. He is a small bug sized human part of a small tribe called the Poncle, when he finds out that Amaterasu the main character can use special powers called Brush Techniques he decides to follow her around until he learns them all. Issun is hotheaded, brash, perverted but still cares for Amaterasu who he calls Ammy. Towards the end of the game Issun plays a rather large role, even managing to help Amaterasu regain her powers. Issun plays much like a guide, helping Amaterasu find out where to go and what to do, while he is a bit of a prick at times the Poncle is definitely a helpful companion. Even if he is bug size.

#2, Daxter. Jak and Daxter are a duo, Daxter was once like Jak who are a human elf like species. Daxter tends to get into trouble and when fallen into a pit of Dark Eco, the magical substance of the world, he turns into a otter/weasel hybrid. He is the smart mouthed, sarcastic and ridiculous companion of Jak and the two get along quite well. Daxter even managing to bust his friend out of jail in the beginning of the second game, while he doesn't exactly get to be a playable character he is nearly always by Jak, literally he just sits on his shoulder.

#1, Morrigan. In Dragon Age you get to have numerous party members from the Templar Alistair to the Rouge Zevran but few have the amount of popularity as this witch. Morrigan is a powerful witch who's mother Flemeth raised her in the woods with a distrust of man. Morrigan is sarcastic, rather cynical about many things and dislikes weakness. She has a powerful mind so much as being able to see through a Sloth Demons tricks, she is able to transform into animals as well. Towards the end of the game if the player has decided to romance her she will give the player a choice, whatever choice you make is up to you though. Not only is she a dang lovely lady but she is also quite powerful, a nice mix.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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