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Ten Awesome Zombie Game Franchises

Updated on November 1, 2018

Zombies and horror go together like cake and ice-cream. While zombies are generally not depicted as being smart their large numbers, increased hearing and overall fright factor when it comes to a world wide take over can be quite chilling. Here are Ten Zombie Game Franchises to tantalize those brains of your.

#10, Dead Rising Franchise: Dead Rising has a more comical approach to it all, it still has waves of undead and bloody details of people being torn apart but how you take them out is a little different. In Dead Rising you can create a arsenal of unique and unorthodox weapons like lightning hammers, assault rifle wheel-chairs and wolverine boxing gloves. And when thousands of zombies walking around in malls or casinos you can create as much gore and dismembered corpses as you please, but do watch out for the psychos, because even while the dead roam the planet humans are still the largest threat to humans.

#9, Dead Island Franchise: Much like Dead Rising, Dead Island has you go about creating weapons and killing zombies while helping out other survivors. While being a multiplayer, unless your like me, you can go about it alone or in co-op. The zombies act a little more smart often ambushing you or swarming, they even have several varieties. The Giant, The Spitter, The Floater, several different kinds to test your skills. You can choose from four or five characters with a special skill and go about killing zombies. The atmosphere keeps a creepy tone and the sometimes jump-scare from a zombie can get you. Whether you choose to go alone or with a friend you still have to watch your back.

#8, Resident Evil Franchise: Zombies can be made by either magic, being possessed by a ghost or demon, or in the Resident Evil Universe by a virus. Back in the beginning zombies played a big part of Resident Evil, you had to investigate areas and make sure to conserve ammo. Lately the resident Evil gang have gone more into heavier viruses culminating in giant snakes and man eating sharks. But back in the good old days you had to contend with the brain munchers, the Crimson Heads were a better variant which were faster and stronger and much harder to take down.

#7, Left 4 dead Franchise: Left 4 Dead has made a name for itself for being a cooperative shooter, either with real players or AI. The goal is to go from Space A to Space B with all players and not dying, with the hordes of zombies and some special variants you just might have some problems with that. The game has a special function where if you are having too easy of a time it will make the game a bit harder for you. Even with an arsenal of guns, some teammates and others things like propane canisters to help you the odds just might not be in your favor.

#6, Red dead Redemption Undead Nightmare: This number isn't a franchise but I had to put it on here, this is why. John the main character you play through in the normal game needs to find a cure, you get to see some of the faces from the normal game but some become zombie food a little early on. You can face hordes of the undead old west style, using a variety of guns you can send them all packing and with some variants in there like zombie bears you might need it. The ending was a bit bad but overall pretty good, plus you get to ride The Four Horses of the Apocalypse, a unicorn and even see some other legendary critters.

#5, The Last of Us: The Last of Us is a great game, it has an excellent story and some interesting characters you can meet. The game takes place zombie torn world, however these zombies are actually caused by a fungus. Going throughout the US you take on zombies, bandits and even cannibals. You get a selection of guns and some tools, stealth being a good part of the game since you must maneuver around hordes of the undead at times. The game has some beautiful details and an engaging story, all it needs now is some zombie dogs and we will call it good.

#4, Box-Head Zombie Franchise: While this game isn't on any big console as far as I know it is still very fun, played it alot in school. You can choose a character and take on hordes of the undead, while it is a big less in the looks department it is still very fun. Using a mix of strategy and skill you must take on hordes of zombies, slowly gaining new weapons and item to protect yourself with, even the devil himself shows up to throw down. Also if you can get the highest score you can brag about being the best zombie killer around!

#3, Call of Duty Franchise: While the COD games are more known for their wars and battles they do dip into the zombie cheese every now and then, such as Black Ops Zombies. In their zombie survival you are able to choose from a good handful of maps, while you can only shoot and gain new weapons and perks it is still challenging. The undead become harder to kill and do more damage, they will also come at you in bigger groups as you advance up the round. But make no mistake you cannot run and you cannot hide, all you can do is shoot.

#2, Plants vs Zombies franchise: I didn't say they had to be gory games, in this often phone game you must put your gardening skills to the test to create plants to defend your home against zombie invaders. From pea-shooters to exploding cherries you have many ways to defeat the enemy, but so does the zombies. From getting armor to having items to vault over your plants you must plan accordingly, even the PS3 title has you wandering a battlefield to defeat the zombie menace. You must balance between attack, defense, healing and all in between if you are to successfully push back this advancement.

#1, Sonny Franchise: In most zombie games you must fight the undead, in this zombie game YOU are the zombie. With no knowledge who you are or what you're doing you set off on a quest for answers and along the way meet some ragtag bunch of folks and make a team.You can get different powers and abilities, take on the undead and other supernatural beings, each fight becoming harder and you becoming stronger. With a great story, funny interactions and the occasional boss battle you will have alot of fun playing this game of reversing rolls and becoming that which you fight.


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