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Ten Bad Parts In Good Games

Updated on November 20, 2017

Games are filled with a variety of levels at times, the character must progress through a stage to get to another or finish one chapter before he can get to the next. All games have levels and sometimes certain levels may not be as good as others, here are Ten Bad Parts in Good Games, the list is not in any order.

#10, The Forbidden Fortress from Legend of Zelda Wind Waker: In Wind Waker you are tasked with saving your sister whom has been brought to The Forbidden Fortress, a placed feared for its many monsters and evil presence. On your first trip the Pirates launch Link into the fortress by a catapult and you end up losing your sword in the process. The Forbidden Fortress is layered with enemies, some who when spotting you will throw you into a cell. Since it is the beginning of the game you have no way to defend yourself but by taking certain weapons, even so much of the level is filled with sneaking about and trying to not be spotted by the search lights that search many of the areas. The second time in the fortress isn't as bad since you have your blade and even have a few new toys to mess with, over all it is a level that puts you out of your comfort zone and forces you to be stealthy while also making it difficult to pass due to the confusing layout.

#9, Orzammar from Dragon Age Origins: During your quest to create an army you will eventually come to Orzammar, a city hidden inside the mountains and home to the Dwarves. When you arrive you get to find out that their king has died so you must go about and find one, Lord Harrowmont or Prince Bhelen are your two choices. Adding on having to find the paragon Branka in the Deep Roads which are a maze of identical areas you will find yourself getting lost. Having to go back and forth through many of the areas gets quite annoying and the many quests asked of you will have your hair falling out. It isn't too bad during the ending but at the beginning it is just a big mess.

#8, Atlantica from Kingdom Hearts 1&2: Atlantica is the home of the worlds most famous Disney mermaid princess. During the level in Kingdom Hearts 1 you are transformed into a half dolphin half human hybrid as well as your comrades. The level is weird since now you can move up and down while the other levels only let you jump. The enemies seem to constantly re-spawn even after killing them and the music plays on a loop. The story while still connected to the movie seems to be all over the place, it gets quite confusing since it seems they change how the story went just to have Sora and company fit in. Adding on the tough enemies, confusing layout of the area and the not really knowing what to do feel this level gets very boring and very quickly.

#7, Beerus and Whis Battle from Dragonball Xenoverse: Before you get to face Demon God Demigra the God of Destruction Beerus and his teacher Whis challenge you to a battle. Both characters are immune to flinching most of the time meaning you can't even get a combo going, they switch around meaning you could be facing Whis one second only for them to tag out and have Beerus attack you. Not only that but they have two health bars and Trunks who is your teammate can get taken out very easily. Once Trunks is down the two will aim directly for you making the battle even tougher then before. You can however beat them by constantly flying around and attacking them, a few times it won't work but you will eventually be able to break their guard. Also spamming Ultimate's will work so make sure you can either use Super Saiyan or be able to power up alot.

#6, Black Gulch from Dark Souls 2: After leaving The Gutter you end up in Black Gulch, a rather pain in the butt area seeing as it has many things that can poison you. Upon entering you will find a multitude of statues, these are able to poison you and with so many around they can do it quite quickly. There are only two enemies on the top of the level, worm like creatures that come from out of the walls and try to get you and then human like creatures that will try to grab you with the giant hand that is on them. On the lower level is a path that leads you to a dark cave, inside the cave are many giants that will easily crush you if given the chance. The boss of the level is also a pain. Poison puddles litter the area and The Rotten as it is called can move relatively fast not giving you much time to react and can take many hits.

#5, Corona Mountain from Super Mario Sunshine: In the resort land of Isle Delfino there rests a rather big mountain, the entrance into it has been closed off for much of the game until the end where you must enter it to confront Bowser. The level is quite long with instant lava deaths, sharp spikes, a torturous trip along a lava river in a clay boat and a difficult cloud to cloud rocketing jump part. Fludd becomes a necessity if you want to survive but the problem is that there is little to no water around, in order to use Fludd he must be refilled with water at certain moments. Even if you manage to get past that terrible part you then must contend with Bowser in a giant hot tub, the level overall is hard and can be incredibly annoying.

#4, Quiet Battle Extreme from Metal Gear Solid: The battle with Elite Sniper Quiet is overall rather easy, she is still a crack shot but doesn't make things to difficult. However when going against her on extreme the level becomes much more insane then it should be. Quiet is now able to kill Snake with one shot, her aiming and firing become much more fast and your ability to have enough time to find her and get a good shot have slimmed down a bit as well. The battle wouldn't be so much of a problem if you could keep track of her but thanks to her being able to teleport and move around the map it is a little hard to keep track of her.

#3, Eggman Land from Sonic Unleashed: Sonic Unleashed has some hard levels but none come as close to hard as this one, Eggman Land mixes both the usual running Sonic game are known for and the beat'em up style that Werehog Sonic brings to the mix. You have to switch between Sonic and his Were form in order to beat this level however the camera and the lack of check points in needed areas mean you will die alot. The levels switch back and forth and you will die alot before you even get the chance to take on Eggman himself. The level wouldn't be as hard if the camera was more fluid instead of clunky, honestly just fix that and it will be a million times easier.

#2, Ghost Town Gulch Juggernaut's from Twisted Metal: There had been a few hard levels in my play through of Twisted Metal but none were as rage inducing as the battle with the Juggernaut's, two of them. These Juggs are armored, they also have guns and missiles that can destroy even the toughest vehicle. Not only that but you have many other enemies to face, the lack of area to maneuver in as well as the very limited healing opportunities doesn't help either. Using Talon, a helicopter, won't work since it is one of the less armored vehicles and every enemy can hit you while in the air. I used Outlaw and was able to do enough damage to destroy the two Juggernaut's, granted I had too do it more then once but I got it.

#1, Evrae from Final Fantasy X: Many of the Final Fantasy X enemies are easy to beat, only a few were very challenging for me but this enemy takes the cake. Evrae attacks the airship you and your crew are flying on, it is a long dragon like creature with high attack and health. It has powerful attacks so you must use Tidus to move the ship away from Evrae and back beside it. The battle is yard because it has attacks that can obliterate your crew, it also has an immunity to nearly any status affliction you could possibly do to it. A few of your characters won't be able to do much damage so it is a long battle filled with moving the airship around and nailing Evrae as hard as you can and as often as you can.


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