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Ten of Some of the Best RPG's

Updated on April 3, 2020

#10, Dragon's Dogma: One of the few games I have ever played that felt like a true adventure was Dragon's Dogma, a game filled to the brim with monsters and hardships. Taking a control of a simple fishermen you're usual sea-side village gets attacked by the evil dragon Grigori, with strange human like beings called Pawns you are to set off in the world to face a horde of evil creatures to find out just what the dragon actually wants. Between three different classes such as Archer, Fighter and Mage as well as more powerful classes like Magic Archer and Wizard you have quite alot to choose from. With a wild world filled with things to see, to do, you get to explore with your own custom built Pawn and choose from Pawn's other players have created. A great game with stupendous visuals, gameplay and a story with great replay value.

#9, Dragon's Age: Choosing from either Human, Elf or Dwarf you get to decide how the beginning of the story stars as well as in the direction it can lead. A great cast of characters who's conversations must be heard, mostly for comedic value. An evil army called the Darkspawn have come forth in a terrible Blight to cause death and destruction, taking up the mantle of Grey-Warden you have accepted the heavy task of killing the Arch-Demon leader of the Darkspawn and to bring peace back to Ferelden. Demons, mages, ogres and monsters galore are here. Create your party how you see fit, swing around a massive two-handed sword or set your foes ablaze with magic, travel the underground where the Dwarves live and see the majesty of the frost covered mountains. Learn how to deal with betrayal, treachery, loss and heartache. Choose the outcome and how you will save the world.

#8, Yakuza Series: While it may not have the generic look or feeling of a traditional RPG it has many elements of one. Many side quests to complete, a host of zany and creative characters, a look into one of Japan's most impactful fictional character. Take up the title of Dragon of Dojima, beat down your enemies with powerful attacks and creative combinations, watch as the story of betrayal and the world of the Yakuza plays out. With murder, sadness, death and the constant wish to move onto a more peaceful life. Kazuma Kiryu and friends will show the underworld of crime like few are able to. Intense boss battles, a long and heartwarming story, all ends at the business side of a fist.

#7, South Park The Stick of Truth: If you have ever been a fan of raunchy comedy, stupid physics and game play then this is the title for you. Create your class, choose your looks and venture out into the world of South Park on an epic adventure. Defeat vampiric gingers, monstrous vice-presidents and drug dealers. Choose through a massive arsenal of absurd weapons, use zany special attacks and defeat foes with many memorable faces from the hit show. It may not be as serious as many of the other games on the list but it is a game of role-play many little kids are doing.

#6, Dark Souls Series: Known for their difficulty and sometimes steep learning curves many players adore the change of pace, many believe games can be too easy so Dark Souls ramp up the harsh difficulty. Easily deplete-able life, tough love and the need to learn enemy patterns. Dark Souls allows you to choose a class, whether magic based or weapon, choose your route and level-up. Though unlike in other RPG's Dark Souls requires the souls of defeated enemies to level-up, one wrong move and all your hard work can be deleted. Not for the faint of heart nor for the easily angered. But with enough hard work and practice learning to overcome each obstacle is the fun of it.

#5, Fallout Series: Fallout takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, so if you're expecting lush forests filled with sexy elves or fairies do not get your hopes up. You travel across the wasteland in search of answers, each game obviously having a different premise. Loads of choices to level up from. Become a brawler using hand weapons, use knives or hatches, blast enemies away with old fashioned gunpowder and lead or go the more technological route and shoot enemies with lazers and plasma guns. Many companions fill the games and the air feels much like the 1970's with its classical music on the radio and old timed greasers. One of the most popular franchises in the world as well as having some of the most annoying enemies you will learn how to survive in the wasteland.

#4, Skyrim: Not having this on any list of great RPG's would be blasphemy, ported to different consoles and remastered and remade this game is vast. Slay dragons, undead Dragurs, face demonic Daedra and choose your allegiance good or evil. You are the Dragonborn, an old legend come to life, using your words of power defeat the dragons that have been brought to life and slay Alduin the Bringer of the End Times. Travel the high mountains, under the very earth itself or into the frozen waters. Skyrim is overfilled with quests, characters, weapons and things to keep you occupied. Master magic at The College of Winterhold, become a Shield-Brother as one of The Companions, become the servant of evil demons. Your choices can lead you to wherever you wish to go.

#3, Mario and Luigi Series: Some of the most dangerous enemies in the Mario World have come from this series, many attempts to rule the kingdoms of the Mushroom Land. Dark Bowser, Cackletta, Princess Shroom, so many villains attempting to rule the world. Embrace your inner Superstar and face off with zany and ludicrous special moves, meet a long cast of allies and villainous cohorts as you travel from exotic places to increase your skills, level up and defeat the villains as The Super Mario Bros!

#2, Kingdom Hearts: Almost every child had gotten that giddy feeling when booting up this series as a kid, some of your favorite Disney characters mashing up with Final Fantasy, it was a dream come true. Explore the many worlds of Disney as you defeat the Heartless and the Nobodies, learn special attacks as you team up with Donald and Goofy to save the world from eternal darkness. Different worlds means different outfits, activities, enemies and allies. Team up with Jack Skellington as you save Halloween Town, take down the demon Chernobog, save China with Mulan. Many stories mashed up into one as you The Keyblade wielder save the many worlds using the power of friendship and love.

#1, Valkyria Chronicles: A world torn by lack of resources and on the brink of war, you join the army to defend your small homeland and in the process become a hero with your squad. Death comes natural in war, use your many classes and weapons to defeat the enemy, save your homeland and bring victory. An in depth story of learning to trust, of David beating Goliath, learning to muster up the courage to save your family. This is what Valkyria Chronicles is. Trade in your sword for an old repeated, defend your land using strategy and upgrade your gear to take on tougher enemies. Use the ancient power of the Valkyria to end the war once and for all.


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