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Ten Gorgeous Gaming Girls

Updated on January 26, 2018

Video games have hundreds of different characters and many of them can be women, these folks might either help with the story or just be there to give some helpful advice, Here are ten of them. Also a side not one or two of these entries might be a little young but you dont need to be old to be gorgeous, keep that in mind.

#10, Quiet from Metal Gear Solid: Despite being half naked and what many would say to just be eye candy Quiet has a rather interesting story, her motivations and powers are very unique and helpful to her line of work. Quiet was sent as an assassin to kill the main character at the beginning of Phantom Pain but she was thwarted, left burnt and nearly dead. She was experimented on and eventually gained super powers. Teleportation, increased speed, enhanced perception and more. The reason for her being half naked is that she breathes through her skin and therefore if covered would suffocate her, a clever explanation from those perverts. At first she does try to kill you but later on in the game it is clear that she has fallen for Big Boss. She is powerful, smart and a kind character with some excellent combat skills to boot.

#9, Lulu from Final Fantasy X: Lulu is a magic user, a powerful wielder of black magic and one of the several guardians meant to protect Yuna. Lulu comes off as a very stern person, Wakka first told Tidus to be weary of her due to the short fuse she has at times. She wears a black dress which hangs off her shoulders a bit and shows off a bit of cleavage. She uses thin sticks to keep her hair up and has make up on her face which gives her a Gothic look. She carries different dolls in the shape of a familiar creature in order to attack her enemies, her magic is powerful and due to her being really the only one with black magic in the group she plays a vital role against enemies who are resistant to physical attacks. Though she comes off mean and rude she is kind hearted and values her friends greatly.

#8, Selene from Dragon's Dogma: Selene is a young woman who lives in the Witchwoods, a place surrounded by mist and known to be very dangerous. She is a short girl who wears a black dress and has her long black hair split into two different pigtails. She is a Pawn, a being that comes from The Rift and while looking human they have no emotions and no will of their own. She is a pawn and lives in the woods where she works on her herbs and potions. The Arisen can help her with many missions, one ends up having villagers attack her home and causing Selene to run off deep into the woods. Once you find her you get to see an apparition of sorts which happens to be her former Arisen master. She is a sweet young girl and if done enough missions with her when it comes time to face the dragon she will be the one who the large lizard has taken. She is scared of people however so she comes off as somewhat timid but eventually you can get close enough to her to where she cares about you too.

#7, Towa from Dragonball Xenoverse: Towa is one of the antagonists of the Dragonball Xenoverse games, she is a demon and the sister to the former Demon King Dabura who was killed by Majin Buu in the Buu Saga. She is about all you could imagine a demon would be, mean and evil plus believing she is far greater then everyone meaning she tends to look down on her opponents. She is a blue skinned beauty, a multiple abilities kinda lass and a trickster. Towa goes around the timeline trying to disrupt it but continuously gets thwarted by the Warrior, your character. She is a determined lass and while she does fight she likes to have others do the fighting for her such as Mira her creation.

#6, Ellie from The Last of Us: Ellie is the companion and sometimes daughter of rough and gruff Joel, she herself is kinda cool. Ellie is a slender girl with a somewhat country style look to her, she has a love of comics and music as well as messing with people for a few good laughs. She is kinda smart despite her age and she can hold her own well enough. She has saved Joel's life once or twice and has fought off a horde of Zombies with some good accuracy. Despite all that however she is a curious person and can be very stubborn, she will run off if in a bad mood which in a zombie apocalypse isn't a good idea. But besides that she is a good companion to have by your side.

#5, Jenassa from Skyrim: Jenassa is one of the many followers you can get to travel along with you in the cold world of Skyrim, she is a dark elf and is kind of a dark character not meaning her skin. She is an assassin and has a love for drawing blood and injuring people, despite this she is rather nice on the eyes. She likes light armor and is trained in bows, one handed weapons, sneaking and blocking. She is a good character if you want an ally with you in the shadows. She has a somewhat grim look but hey if you want you can go right ahead and marry her.

#4, Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur: Ivy is the adopted daughter of a wealthy family, her father was driven mad in search of Soul Edge and her mother died soon after. From then on she has begun her quest to destroy the sword with the power of whips and BDSM. In all seriousness Ivy wears rather revealing clothing which I guess could distract enemies or make it easier to move in. She uses a special sword given somewhat life by a demon of sorts. The sword can go from being a normal blade to a whip like weapon. Adding on her unique weapon as well as her rather sexual physique she is an interesting character and a beautiful one.

#3, Tetra from Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker: In the watery world of Wind Waker there only a select few people, Tetra being one of them and too make it even better she is the captain of a crew of pirates. Tetra is the youngest pirate aboard her ship but she still rules with an iron fist. At first she comes off cold, acting like Link is an idiot for wanting to go after his kidnapped sister even though Tetra was partly the cause for her being kidnapped. Along the time of the game she eventually becomes alot nicer even turning a blind eye to Link for a bit to allow him to get somewhere he needed to be before the pirates. In the end however we get to find out that Tetra is in fact Princess Zelda of Hyrule. During the battle with Ganondorf she uses a bow and fires Light Arrows to stun the enemy and allowing you to attack him. Tetra is a brave girl, strong willed and kind but still a little stubborn at times. But for a girl her age she is a fearsome pirate.

#2, Alicia Melchiott from Valkyria Chronicles: Alicia is one of the main characters in the tactical turn based war game, she is a scout and has the best accuracy out of her class. Alicia first meets Welkin in their home of Bruhl, first thinking Welkin is a enemy spy and apprehending him. She was a apprentice baker till she became captain of the town guard until finally becoming a scout in the militia. She is a kind girl who loves her companions deeply and does her best to protect them. She loves the flower Lions Paw, loves to bake bread and hopes to become a baker one day. She also finds out she is a Valkyur, a race known for incredible technology and power. Despite nearly dying in war and seeing one of her friends die she till remains a caring girl who has a crush on Welkin, in the end the two get married and have some children with Alicia finally being able to open up a small, bakery.

#1, Tina Armstrong from Dead or Alive: Tina is a country gal or that is its how she is depicted in many of her costumes, cowboy hats and boots plus a western drawl makes her one hell of a knockout. Tina is the daughter of Bass Armstrong, a big biker man with a talent in wrestling which Tina herself also trains in wrestling. Tina has blonde hair and soft eyes, a curvaceous figure that could make a basketball jealous and some serious firepower behind her fists. She does show off alot of sensual sex appeal do to many of her finishing poses after a victory but hell who doesn't like a bit of showboating?


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    • Thomas Finney profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Finney 

      8 months ago

      True, some m8ght be a little too young for me though.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 

      8 months ago from Singapore

      A whole list of divas to "date," without even stepping out of your home. :)


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