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Ten Scary Places in Games

Updated on January 29, 2018

What defines scary? The atmosphere or the beings within it? Even the most generic of things can be turned scary when mixed with the right ingredients. In this list I have ten scary places, some might not be scary to some or even meant to be scary but for one reason or another they freak people out.

#10, Killer Croc's Lair from Batman Arkham Asylum: There isn't many places you can visit in Arkham Asylum, they all are basically the same area, an insane asylum. With all the baddies such as the Joker, the Scarecrow and hell when not throw Poison Ivy in there as well you would think they would be the main scare factor but you would kinda be wrong. In one part of the game you are tasked with finding a certain spore but it just so happens to only grow down below in the lair of a man-eating crocodile mutant. The area itself is somewhat simple, a maze like area filled with water and with wooden boards to serve as a path to tread. The creepy feeling of being watched is present and the sudden Killer Croc out of nowhere can give you a bit of a jump scare. Some might say the part where your'e in Scarecrow's little world is scary but I honestly didn't feel scared by it.

#9, The Abandoned Mine from Slender The Arrival: Slender The Arrival takes place in a overall beautiful landscape, large mountains and lots of trees cover the area but one place in particular makes running into the already creepy Slenderman even worse. The Abandoned Mine. In the abandoned mine you are supposed to activate several generators in order to power a lift, however you must deal with Slenderman and the little proxy prick he has with him. The area is dark and the first sound of the machines starting up can freak you out, also you can hear the proxy running around at times and he can even sneak up on ya. Overall just a terrible place to be.

#8, Subnautica from Subnautica: I don't know about you but I freaking hate the ocean, seriously I hate it. Subnautica is a game with a very well done design and boasts some colorful creatures and landscapes as well as some giant and horrifying sea monsters. Many parts of the landscape can be filled with fire or near pitch black darkness, something that frightens little old me. The worst part is hearing all the noises, sometimes a creature will roar and you will be worried as hell since you can't see the stupid thing. In one part of the map you can even see a skeleton of a gigantic beast which is bigger then anything in the game possibly. I don't know about anyone else but the shear thought of these giant creatures lurking about while I'm chilling in my underwater base is enough to freak me out.

#7, The Devil's House from MGS Phantom Pain: Metal Gear Solid Phantom pain isn't a creepy game at all, many of the areas you visit are out in the open and there is no real sense of danger outside of the many soldiers trying to kill ya. The Devil's House is a little place in Africa where Skullface the main antagonist of Phantom Pain conducted vocal cord virus experiments. A canyon leads into the area where it is protected by soldiers, past that point there is a empty area where two buildings are. Inside one is a multitude of dead bodies and gallons of blood. Snake upon arriving finds a headphone placed into one of the peoples throats. This is the bloodiest and most disturbing parts of the game due to the horror movie look and the belief that someone could be so cruel to another human.

#6, Rapture from Bioshock: Let me take you back to what I said before, I hate the damn ocean. Rapture is a entire city built under the water with much of it being made out of glass. Rapture was once a beautiful place built by a one Andrew Ryan. Of course the place went to hell and it is now filled with a bunch of crazy people trying to kill you, giant diving suit wearing drill fetish lovers and little girls who look like they're dead. In your first few moments of being there the first normal person you see is killed and then you are stalked by someone crazy chick who loves sharp pointy stabby things. The feeling of pure insanity resides here, the feeling of not knowing who to trust or even if you can trust anybody at all is there too.

#5, The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned from Borderlands: Borderlands does have a few creepy places, I mean the world itself is a giant desert and filled with Psychos and Bandits and whatever else that wants you dead. Zombie Island is a island full of zombies, obviously. The world itself is rather freaky and comes off as a very Halloween like place due to the dead trees and the darkened sky. The moaning of zombies in the distance can be creepy and the final boss Undead Ned is even worse since you have to go underground and then fight him in a lake of blood and possibly body parts. Pandora itself can be rather stunning but Zombie Island might be a place you wanna skip on vacation week.

#4, The Baker Residence from Resident Evil 7: Once a kind and loving family, besides Lucas, they have now become a group of dangerous killers with supernatural like powers thanks to a little girl and a special fungus. The Baker Home is rundown and much of it is covered in mold or looks like you just had a raging house party and didn't clean it up for thirty years. The Molded, large monsters with sharp fangs and claws roam the area and you also have to worry about Jack Baker popping out of walls to try and hit you with whatever big weapon he found. The sensation of the unknown is present and the fear of running out of ammo can be present as well, also Marguerite's ungodly hive crotch.

#3, The Deep Roads from Dragons Age: The Deep Roads are part of the Dwarves home, unfortunately much of it has been taken over by the Darkspawn and all the other filth and vermin. The area is almost like a maze with one spot leading to three others. Darkspawn, Drakes, Giant Spiders and other monsters lay in there but the worst part is the Broodmother The Broodmother is a former Elf, Dwarve or whatever race before the Darkspawn grabbed them turned into a horrible monster. Forced to feed on Darkspawn flesh and vomit they then become cannibalistic and eventually start to eat others and sometimes their own kin. A Dwarven girl was traumatized by this and before you meet the Broodmother you can hear this girl whisper things that make the place dreadfully creepy.

#2, The Gutter from Dark Souls 2: The Gutter is an area in Dark Souls 2 with very little visibility, it is very dark. Throughout the level you will have to light torches in order to help brighten the area up a little bit but still does not help much in the long run. The area is full of zombie like beings, giant dog like creatures and statues that spit poison at you. There are many pitfalls around the area so blindly walking off on your own can get you killed by falling. The area itself is just dark, it gives it a feeling of being abandoned and left alone in the shadows. That mixed with the several monsters that can pop out of nowhere doesn't help.

#1, Biological Space Labs from Metroid Fusion: BSL is an area where researchers were conducting research, who would have though. Parasite X, a dangerous thing that can take over other creatures or use DNA to completely become the being. A copycat if you will. These creatures can take on another's memories, abilities and traits and in order to survive they do this to evolve. BSL is filled with powerful monsters thanks to Parasite X and is even worse when SA-X, a evil version of Samus thanks to the virus, starts lurking about in search for you. Overall though your'e a awesome bounty hunter you are still at the mercy of these beings.


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