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Terra Battle Tips and Battle Guide Review

Updated on October 31, 2014
Terra Battle Guide and Review
Terra Battle Guide and Review | Source

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Terra Battle is a puzzle game with RPG elements that makes it an interesting combo. The graphics are excellent and the game play is incredible smooth. It has a very similar element to Brave Frontier, where you get to summon strong units to aid you in battle.


There is a thing called the circle of carnage, which is basically rock paper and scissors.

There are 4 main classes you can use:

  • Sword -Weak against Spear
  • Spear - Weak against Bow
  • Bow - Weak against Sword
  • Staff - Neutral

And there are also the subclasses:

  • Fire - Bonus damage dealt and received against Ice
  • Ice - Bonus damage dealt and received against Fire
  • Lightning - Bonus damage dealt and received against Darkness
  • Darkness - Bonus damage dealt and received against Lightning
  • Healing - Heals your characters
  • Remedy - Removes harmful effects

Each character also has a class level, starting from highest to lowest - SS, S, A, B, C and D.

Hiring Characters

You can recruit new characters from 2 places:

  • Pact of Fellowship(3000 coins) - Recruits D or C class characters
  • Pact of Truth(5 energy) - Recruits B,A,S or SS class characters

The summon rate for an SS character is somewhere around 4-5%,which is pretty good considering most games have much lower summon rates for top tier characters. I am glad they made it such that rare characters are much easier to get.

The fact that the game is very focused around strategy makes it such that even with good characters you can still fail in mission pretty easily if you are not careful. You can't just pay your way to victory. Some thinking is required to win in this game.

Battle Mechanics

The game play has some very interesting moves. Below are some basics that is going to aid you in the future:

  • Align your characters horizontally or vertically for bonus damage.
  • Use power points to deal bonus damage against bosses for maxiumum damage

Enemies with weapon types have a general pattern(by fuffles):

  • Sword - usually equipped with skills that (only) hit horizontally, can attack after moving
  • Bow - usually equipped with attacks that hit in all 4 directions, but attacks at start of turn and usually only moves after
  • Spear - usually equipped with attacks that (only) hit vertically, can attack after moving

Use elements to your advantage, particularly in the following stages:

  • Mechadrake (8-10): weak against all ice element attacks even though the boss's element is thunder
  • Time Devourer (10-10): short circuit and stunned for 1 turn if hit by any thunder elemental attack
  • Toxoid (13-8): consumed by fear and stunned for 1 turn if hit by any dark elemental attack
  • Mechadrake Redux (14-4): weak against all fire element attacks even though the boss's element is dark
  • Megacell (15-10): sleep can affect it even though status effects are normally not usable on bosses
  • Lock-On+ (17-10): launch pad freezes and stunned for 1 turn if hit by any ice elemental attack

When it comes to bosses, you can also do 2x2 pincer attacks. It does more damage but it also require a little bit of setup.


Metal and Hunting Zones

Metal Zone is an area where you get bonus experience. Any characters in a zone outside of its level requirement won't gain any experience. There are 5 zones you can enter:

  • Unlocks after Chapter 2 and also available in the Arena for 1 Metal Ticket(lv 1-19)
  • Unlocks after Chapter 8(lv 20-29)
  • Unlocks after Chapter 12(lv 30-39)
  • Unlocks after Chapter 17(lv 40-49)
  • Unlocks after Chapter 21(lv 50-59)

The Hunting Zone is a spot where you collect items and gold but you won't gain any experience.

  • Hunting Zone 1 (unlocks after Chapter 3) Levels 1-19
  • Hunting Zone 2 (unlocks after Chapter 9) Levels 20-39
  • Hunting Zone 3 (unlocks after Chapter 18) Levels 40-69

Below is the schedule for the different Hunting Zones.

  • Monday - No event
  • Tuesday (Pudding Time) - rings and rare ores (Animaton, Dark Matter, Orichalcum, Oxsecium)
  • Wednesday (Tin Parade) - weapon specific materials, rare tears and rare particles
  • Thursday (Puppet Show) - race specific materials
  • Friday (All 3 above) - switches every hour between Pudding -> Tin -> Puppet -> Pudding repeat
  • Saturday & Sunday (Attack of the Coin Creeps) - coins~

Extra Tips

  1. Save your coins for job changes.
  2. "Park" at the stage screen if you run out of stamina and you won't get kicked out of a zone that just ran out of time.
  3. SS rank character job changes require weapons and they are only dropped by storyline bosses.
  4. Change time zones to access another servers Hunting/Metal Zone.


Check out the game when you have free time! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

© 2014 Seet


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