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Terraria - How to get the Hero's Clothes and Outfit

Updated on April 14, 2012

The Hero's Outfit

In Terraria there are many different ways you can customize your character's stats and appearance, but none so recognisable as the Hero's Outfit. I say this because that outfit is taken directly from the popular dungeon crawler that is The Legend Of Zelda, as it is always worn by the hero, which makes it quite befitting to be included in a game where you are the one and only hero (you know unless you are playing multiplayer). Oh and don't worry the blonde hair comes with it, so no need to start a new character.

To acquire this iconic attire you will need the following items:

  • 60 Silk (which means a total of 600 cobwebs, good news for you explorers)
  • 9 Green Dye (so 27 Jungle Seeds and 9 Bottles)
  • You will also need a loom to craft the clothes

The 600 cobwebs will come over time from general exploration, or you can go out and explore a cave system with the one intention of harvesting cobwebs. They can be made into silk by using a loom.

Bottles can be easily created from glass, which is from sand, at any furnace.

And now the hardest part, the Jungle Grass Seeds, these can be a pain to find and unless you have an immense Jungle Grass farm (I mean HUGE!) then they will take a very long time for you to find or farm. I would suggest planting one seed on a strip of mud nearby your home, which you can harvest daily, but make sure to leave one patch of grass, to make sure it grows back.

After you have acquired both the Jungle Grass Seeds and Bottles, use them at an alchemy station (which can be made by placing a bottle, Pink vase or a mug onto a table/ crafting table) to create the Green Dye.

After you have got the dye and the silk go to a loom and craft each of the items (Hero's Hat, Hero's Shirt and Hero's Pants) and equip them in your vanity slots to show them off, after all that's why you made them, right?

An added bonus is that whenever you have the Hero's Outfit equipped (even in vanity slots) they will slowly restore mana over time, on top of the natural mana restoration.

Now that you have the full outfit, why not go and show it off online!


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      Ahewitt56 6 years ago from Great Britain

      thankyou, very helpfull