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The 10 Best Wii Games for Ages 5-8

Updated on September 15, 2013

In today's era, finding a video game which doesn't contain violence or profanity is a rarity. And finding games that are educational and entertaining at the same time is a dream come true for the parents of kids aged 5 to 8. Thankfully, Nintendo Wii offers a range of kids' games which is ideal for little kids. Here's a list of the best Wii games which has been released so far, for ages 5-8:

Mario Super Sluggers

The game is based on baseball and features all your favorite Mario characters. Mario Super Sluggers is very addictive and most importantly, the game is quite easy to learn, so it's ideal for kids aged 5 to 8. For swinging the bat for a home run, the Wii Remote is used. As the kids get more experienced, they can attach the Nunchuk for controlling the outfielders. In addition, there are nine mini-games as well as two players and four player co-op modes to keep your kids occupied.

Backyard Soccer

In Backyard Soccer, the kids get to choose a number of zany animated players, who eventually make up his team. There a number of other teams which the kid needs to play against. It's a game which has realistic graphics, is challenging and is easy for kids to handle as well. One of the most important lessons which kids learn from this entertaining soccer game is the value of working together as a team. To add to it, the kids get to learn a thing or two about team strategy and team coordination.

Sponge Bob Square Pants: The Movie

Sponge Bob Square Pants: The Movie is a game which will keep kids of all ages glued to their consoles. Featuring popular characters of the movie such as Patrick, Mindy, SpongeBob and Sandy, this game allows the kids to navigate through a remarkable 3D setting for completing objectives. The voice acting and non-linear game play make this game one of the most unforgettable adventure games for kids. There are a number of levels in the game too.

Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, the kids have to carry out the daily chores in a village environment. Earning bells (The currency of the village), pruning one's garden, talking with the neighbors and going fishing are some of the activities that the kids need to perform. And in this village setting, the sun rises and sets and seasons change as well. It's a great game because it teaches the kids to read and write, besides teaching them vital lessons in organizing oneself and planning out a daily routine.

Pajama Sam 3

This is another entertaining adventure game from the Pajama Sam series. As expected, Pajama Sam 3 offers a generous dose of memory and logic along with loads of basic information on health, nutrition and science. In the game, kids need to help Pajama Sam in collecting box tops and also fight the dangerous Cookie Gang. There are several riddles sprinkled across all the chapters, ensuring that the kids' logical skills are polished. Kids also pick up some fundamental table manners in this game.

Wii Sports Resort

It's one of the best selling games of the 2009 and best of all, the game controls are pretty easy for kids to handle. In Wii Sports Resort, players will be transported to a tropical island where they can take part in a plethora of beach games. Some of the games include Sword Play, Beach dog and Power Cruising. For a more life-like and proactive experience, the Wii Motion Plus accessory is included. It contains an accelerometer and sensor bars, to enhance the gaming experience of the kids. The co-op mode allows the kids to compete against their friends as well.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

The game from Toshihiro Nagoshi can be a rollicking gift for kids. Comprising of fifty mini-games and more than a hundred puzzles, the game guarantees to provide both entertainment and intellect for the kids. The kids will also have a chance to use Nanchuks and the Wii-mote for solving the simple puzzles. What's more, the difficulty level can be increased to suit grown-ups. The visuals of several cute monkeys inside glass balls are sure to appeal to the kids.

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Rayman Raving Rabbids is a laugh riot which utilizes the Nunchuk and the Wii-mote. As Rayman, you need to escape from the hands of the crazy rabbits who intend to take over the world. In order to escape, Rayman requires competing in over fifty enjoyable mini-games. And besides, the game is powered by the Jade engine, which boasts of the best graphics yet for the Wii console. It's fun and it requires lots of strategizing. And above all, kids would love playing as Rayman.

Cosmic Family

Cosmic Family is an educational game for kids aged 5-8. The game play involves solving easy puzzles and coloring. In the game, the players meet the members of the family who reside in the Rocket House. There are loads of friendly monsters besides Dad Cosmic, Mom Cosmic and the Big Sister. With the magic wand, the kids explore the floors of the Rocket House, which teems with whacky animations and numerous mini-games.


Elebits is a game developed by Konami and offers the kids brand new game play elements which are simple yet entertaining. A race of tiny elves known as Elebits are wreaking havoc and the kids have to zap them with their zapper gun before they create a complete chaos. The game incorporates enhanced physics as well, so kids would love zapping the Elebits even more.

These revolutionary motion-sensing Wii games are sure to captivate kids aged 5 to 8 and keep them constructively occupied for hours.


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