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Top 10 Most Popular Games of All Time

Updated on March 27, 2018
Best-Selling Games
Best-Selling Games

Top Selling Videogames: Top Paid Games of All Time

To write this short article, I researched a lot - but my research was done around selling numbers and charts, therefore this list doesn't include any free-to-play games.

Regardless, this article is pretty good for those hoping to know what the most popular games in the world are - and it includes every title from the 1st game ever to the latest one to this date (1st of January, 2015).

Read below and Enjoy!


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Top Selling Games Vs. Top Rated Games:

I found that a lot of those who are searching for the top selling games of all time are very surprised by the fact that there are so many games in this list that are apparently short on content or didn't get the best reviews.

That is because the sales are influenced by a lot of things, and there are epic games not even close to getting on this list because there aren't enough platforms to make it so widespread popular.

On the other hand, look at Tetris.

Tetris is a game that became so popular because there was a title of it released for a lot of different platforms, and even platforms created only to play it - remember those days with that small Tetris game on the beach?

Having this in mind, remember we're talking about the Top 10 Games that sold the most copies, not the ones that we consider to be the best or those who had the best reviews.

If this is really what you're looking for, then we got it all right below this paragraph - including the number of copies each game sold up until the year of 2015.

The Original Best-Seller
The Original Best-Seller

1 - Tetris: 135 Million Copies

I bet that reading this title is in number one with about one hundred and thirty-five million copies makes you shiver. If you were born in the 80s, and even in the 90s, you know how great of a game Tetris was.

If you spent the same time I did playing this game, then I bet you already have the music playing on your head and you're down memory lane, remembering those good times at the beach or trying to get those lines cleared.

An amazingly nostalgic title.

Wii-Sports Caption
Wii-Sports Caption

2 - Wii Sports: 82.54 Million Copies

With close to 82.540.000 copies sold, the Wii Sports game has certainly made people move. Its popularity was increased due to the research done around it, proving that the game is ideal for people recovering from injuries or trauma.

The research also concluded seniors benefit from moving around with this game - and so, with the "regular market", the fitness enthusiasts, senior homes and clinics worldwide getting it... the game kept selling and selling.

MineCraft Art
MineCraft Art

3 - Minecraft: 54 Million Copies

Mojang just made it big by creating a game that is simple but amazing in its simplicity. Suddenly people were starting to have their powerful computers play a pixelated game - but for good reason.

Minecraft grabbed a great concept and welcomes people that are hardcore gamers or just like to keep it casual.

Its market is large, even more so when the game is so suitable for mobile platforms.

This is the first item on the list not owned by Nintendo.

Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros

4 - Super Mario Bros: 40.24 Million Copies

Super Mario Bros. is a classic - and I'm sure you already played it if you're a real gamer. If you haven't played it I can't tell you whether you'll like it or not because my analysis is skewed, as I'm wearing some massive nostalgia glasses that makes the game seem awesome no matter how I look at it.

Mario, the plumber, has got it in his list to save the princess from Bowser, who happens to have some massive castles in order to confuse the little hero. Will he find her?

Mario Kart - The Friendship Destroyer
Mario Kart - The Friendship Destroyer

5 - Mario Kart: 35.53 Million Copies

Heeeere we goooo! It's Mario Kart, the huge hit people won't stop talking about throughout popular internet boards and gaming websites.

Mario Kart is the "go to" game if you're having a party and want to make your friends gather round to have a good time!

It's a lot of fun to play alone, but this game was made to play with friends or lovers.

GTA V Cover Art
GTA V Cover Art

6 - Grand Theft Auto V: 34 Million Copies

If you want to play the bad guy or someone who has a lot of drug-related problems, then Grand Theft Auto is the game for you. The saga has everyone running around, doing quests and growing their businesses - proceeding throughout the character's history.

However, sometimes you just want to grab a gun and start shooting, or get a car and drive aimlessly like a reckless criminal.

This game has it all.

Wii Resort for Those Active Gamers
Wii Resort for Those Active Gamers

7 - Wii Sports Resort: 32.58 Million Copies

The Wii Sports Resort could be faced as a sequel to the popular Wii Sports, since the game is pretty much the same, only with new mini-games and some new functionalities.

I loved the little fruit cutting game and the archery game as well, and it definitely brought a lot of value to the original title.

Nevertheless, it is pretty similar, and similarly successful as well.

Super Mario Strikes Again
Super Mario Strikes Again

8 - New Super Mario Bros.: 30.75 Million Copies

This game picked everything the original Mario Bros. had and mixed it up with modern graphics and motion detection - stuff that the Nintendo Wii could add to the mix.

The game is a platformer and Super Mario fans will know how to play it from level one. It is fun, colorful and makes the delight of both kids and grown-ups - and that's the magic of the title.

Did you try it yet?

People Like Wii Mini-Games
People Like Wii Mini-Games

9 - Wii Play: 28.02 Million Copies

Finally, Wii Play ends the "Nintendo Spree" on this list, which means this is the last game here... but wait, there's only one more?

Yes, that's right, Nintendo sure knows how to make them - and this game just shows you what the Wii console is capable of.

When Wii Play came out, the game had a lot of novelty and people weren't used to play using their movement, and this is what made the title so successful.

San Andreas - The Best GTA Ever?
San Andreas - The Best GTA Ever?

10 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: 27.5 Million Copies

Another GTA title in the list shows us that people like to be gangsters, or that all of the advertisement of how GTA makes kids violent backfired in order to give the saga an "image" of something forbidden and badass.

Of course it can also be due to the open-world and all the freedom you face, or the novelty of building your own empire while still being able to walk around like a bottom-feeder.

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Do you think Nintendo deserves to overwhelmingly crush all others?

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Greedy Wario
Greedy Wario

Nintendo Knows How to Do it!

Apparently, Nintendo holds the keys to producing a lot of popular games. I could easily understand if the list was crowded of old titles, but the Wii titles show us Nintendo still has it.

So, Nintendo knows how to produce profitable and popular games like no other - and no, Mario isn't the key, since the Wii Sports titles don't even feature the Italian plumber.

It's intriguing, and something that amazed me.

An interesting discussion about Video Games and Video Game Design:

Thank you for Reading: Leave me your opinion!

What do you think about most of the games being made by Nintendo or a company associated with it?

I was pretty amazed when I found out, and doing the research to write this article made me see just how much of a huge company Nintendo is - I knew it was a gaming dinosaur and a powerful one at it, but I didn't know about it being so dominant.

What's your opinion on this one? What do you know Nintendo has that makes it overcome competition from a lot of other gaming dinosaurs?

Leave me your comment in the comment section below.


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