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The 12-Steps of XBox recovery

Updated on August 31, 2009

The first step was to admit I was powerless over XBox...

As I fell to my knees, a tear slowly rolled down my cheek and dripped on the Xbox360 wireless controller, loosely clutched by my trembling hand. I had hit my "rock bottom". I had heard of this bottom...this end of the road, if you will. I had been playing for an undetermined amount of hours, wife and children passing in front of me at blurring moments. I needed XBox and Xbox needed me, the relationship was love indeed.Then it happened...

Oneday I tried to NOT play my Xbox. I said I would write that day, or I would go OUT and do something in the real world. I may have made it an hour or so. As I hit the power button on the XBox the guilt and shame became unbearable...I had seen people with XBox problems worse than me and thought at least I'm not pawning my camcorder to buy new games, or at least I haven't sold my body for a game, but here I was.

So, here I am...introducing myself as an other addicts. We meet at the Starbucks in Beverly Hills and every eye is tear-filled. As we share from horrific stories of demorilizing losses and triumphant victories, we bond.

I can truly say that I am not perfect, and that's okay.

Well, let me go now, I've got to play my X...---umm, I mean, I've got to go to my meeting...

The first step is admitting that I HAVE been playing my XBox360 while writing this....*tears*

I am hopeless



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    • profile image

      lele 8 years ago

      hi, my anme is LeLe and im an addict too. lol

    • profile image

      BJC 8 years ago

      This will hit home to many. I actually don 't play, but my teenage son would ask me to play and I did........ but had a difficult time manipulating the controls. However, he made this...........