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Red Dead Redemption: "Frontiersman" Achievement/Trophy Walkthrough

Updated on July 5, 2016

Looking for Gold In All The Wrong Places

I'll have to admit; finding all of the hidden treasures in Rock Star's legendary old west shooter, "Red Dead Redemption" isn't as easy as whipping out your metal detector. The game environment of this RPG/Shooter is so extensive, even quick travel seems just the opposite. After many hours of searching the lands of Red Dead Redemption's gaming environment, I have mustered up the ambition to provide a detailed walkthrough on where these Red Dead Redemption hidden treasures can be found.

Find the first Treasure Map

The very first treasure map is your key to success, because without it, you cannot begin to look for the treasures. Even if you ran across a dig spot, you will not be able to dig for the treasure and these treasures must be found in order! The first map is going to be found when a random event takes place near the beginning of the game. Some old fool is being robbed by a group of bandits and you have to save him. In exchange, he will give you the first map, leading you on your journey, beginning with Rhode's Gold.

Rhode's Gold

Head to Cholla Springs, just north of Armadillo to the Hanging Rock. Fight off the bad guys here and look at your map. Then look for the large boulder on the North side of the Hangin Rock. You can see the dig spot through a crack in the boulder plie. Head around and you will find the small gap tht you can fit through to reach Rhode's Gold and the next treasure map.

Jackson's Gold

You can find Jackson's Gold by heading over to Del Lobo Rock. Save your game because this may take awhile. Looking out over the cliff, you can see a very narrow ledge that winds down into the canyon. If you are careful, you can follow this ledge down and around, until you see a small gap. At the gap and the end of the trail for the ledge, you can see the small dirt pile and retrieve Jackson's Gold, as well as the next treasure map.

Calhoun's Gold

Calhoun's Gold can be found in the ghost town, Tumbleweed. Head to the Old Mansion and take out any bandits in the area. Inside the basement is a corner wall with a cow skull decoration on it. This is where you can find Calhoun's Gold and the next Red Dead Redemption hidden treasure map. You have to save the Sheriff first if he is there and in need of help.

Tubman's Gold

Near the San Luis River is the Tree of Skulls and two dilapidated stonewalls. Tubman's Gold is buried at the base of the second stone wall.

Brown's Gold

Head out on the trail to Punta Orgilla and you will find a small cave just off the trail. Find your way to the top of the cliff where this cave can be found and you will find Brown's Gold and another hidden treasure map.

Douglass' Gold

Head to the eye of the devil (Ojo Del Diablo) just outside of the town of Chuparosa. On the west side of the arch is a climbable area that holds the gold of Douglass and the next map.

Garrison's Gold

Head out the north west road out of the town of Casa Madrugada. This one isn't easy because the map doesnt show you anything but a rock that looks like a stool. Break out the first 2 maps and compare them to find the stool-rock. Head down the path it shows you and you will find the gold at the end of the path.

Pickett's Gold

Head back to Beecher's Hope and take to the East. An old tree that has just been struck by lightning can be found there, as well as Pickett's Gold and the final map to the hidden treasure of Red Dead Redemption, which is near the gap in the old fence.

Stonewall's Gold

Manzita Post is where you and John Marston are off to next. Head down the horsepath just outside of town. Follow this path until you reach a small cave and you will find the final treasure inside and unlock the treasure hunter achievement.

Tips for the Treasure Hunter

This game is huge and the areas on your map will not show the names of the areas, until you actually find them. Also, the treasure must be found in order, and is scattered throughout the different regions, which means you will have to play the story missions until all areas are unlocked! Always look at your map and save often, grab lots of ammo, just in case of a random bandit or cougar attack! Good luck treaure hunters and enjoy!


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