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The Alliance of IMMORTAL's

Updated on December 29, 2010

The Building of a Legacy

To some an alliance is just a tempory place until they get to be with the bigger or #1 ranked alliance.

many people over look what an alliance represents, Family! The IMMORTAL family has all this and much more. This alliance what was started as a joke, has turned into a giant family of trust, respect, and honor with a large amount of dignity.

Katiegreat founded IMMORTAL alliance when server open. She had no idea of how to run an alliance and what was needed to make it great. Tassalope was vice host back.

One night tassalope when to bed and woke up the next morning to find she was now host of IMMORTAL. Katie and her mouth made some bad choices when deciding to declare on an alliance that they were friendly with, LOD, My former alliance. After a short time LOD dealt with the problem and LOD then had problems of its own with another 2 alliances and before they knew it their alliance was in trouble. For the safety of LOD's member they merged into Shogun alliance. Not thinking highly of IMMORTAL and what they could do after they were beat down.

While in shogun alliance many things were a foot that were not right. after a long deliberated meeting members of LOD talked to Tassalope and began to merge there, leaving behind the shogun name and sheding new life into their former LOD members and many of shogun that left as well.

Once in IMMORTAL i realized that everything that we were told by certain members of shogun alliance , were not true at all. TAssalope showed me right away that she was a person who knew what she was doing for the alliance, and would not go down without a fight and would fight and risk her own empire to save a members. These r issues a true evony player hold high.

I am now a presbyter in this alliance, and couldnt be happier. my only regret was that we didnt come here in the first place. The alliance has got true passion, trust, dignity, honor, and above all respect for one another.

This alliances leadership is not all to thank.(sorry tass) but a very large part is the members. cause its you. without you we wouldnt be anything but a much of players. its all of you that make us all strong. Remember this is you ever remember anything i say...An alliance is only as strong as its weakest member, so lets make us all equally strong and show this server that IMMORTAL is truly IMMORTAL!

An update is needed here yet again as the sage continues.......

There was once a triade of alliances in the state of thuringia. Immortal sentinel and shogun. as sentinel become more and more greedy they turned their back on their allys.original started with LOD and then moved to shogun and then to immortal disbanning the unity that once stood. while many of IMMORTALS alliance fell victum to lies and rumors made up by adelena and killerkern, immortal main stood strong and has continued to stand its ground. as sentinel trys desperatly to push immortal 6 ft under and out of state. we have should them that we wont leave. we have developed new strats and ideas of how to survive. after all in a war game its not the battles that you win that count its the war.

and with every new breath of life breathed into immortal sentinel fears us now more then ever. and is frantically tryin to call upon other alliances to help. as their methods no longer work.

we have ported into the lions den. we have meet face to face with the devil and we spit in his face and said kiss my ass. sentinel is beside themselves and dont know how to finish us off. as we have them confused(which isnt hard) we develop new ways to make them mad and drive them more crazy and make them fear us more. never before has an alliance overcome such odds. never before has an alliance gone through so much and still be standing.

its because all of you! the members that make immortal truely IMMORTAL! without you none of this would be possible. and its because of your faith and love and trust for one another and for tassalope (the greatest leader of all time) that she continues to fight and risk it all to provide for her family(you). so lets show our true colors. lets show tass how much we appreciate her and everything she does for us. after reading this please be sure to send tassalope a thank you mail in evony sayin how much you appreciate her and all shes done.




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    • profile image

      Get a life 6 years ago

      Dude, enough said.

    • Winkster78 profile image

      Winkster78 7 years ago

      please remember to vote up! its above the comments. id really appreciate it ty

    • profile image

      Aparhsm90 7 years ago

      Very heartfelt ;-)

    • profile image

      Immortal BroZeus 7 years ago

      glad to be here in the house of IMMORTALS with my new family and brotherhood :o)