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The Best Christmas Presents for 2010. Predicted to be 5-alarm HOT.

Updated on December 24, 2010

Santa thinking of what to leave?

Santa in thought as to what present he should leave.
Santa in thought as to what present he should leave. | Source

The Best Toys for 2010

According to every search engine and searchs' done up until today, here are the most sought-after toys being searched for this Christmas. Every single search engine that we could think of had the same or just about the same search list of toys every single day. We search for approximate all of November 2010. The total searches in a daily basis are approximately 2500 searches for every 2 hours.

The most popular store that you think might have an over stock will soon run out the toys that people are seeking so desperately. Our searching produced the following lists for the Hottest toys or as they say it "5-ALARM HOT". The following found list was compared in a day-to-day basis for a 30 day period and every site and search engine had just about same toys on its search:


Action toys and gadgets targeted to boys is a new line of Ben 10 toys which are predicted to really high and on the rating scale they are predicted to go 5-alarm hot in 2010.

Also watch for a popular version of Zhu Zhu Pets targeted also to boys, a touch-technology toy guitar called Paper Jamz, and the ever popular interactive computer for kids known as Chatman.

Still making very red hot news is the digital cameras market, the most popular of them all is the Kidizoom Digital Camera, which is manufacture by VTech for both boys and girls age 3 and up. Its' main feature is the rubber casing that's virtually is break-proof, the new kiddie camera also has the ability to Zoom in on subjects just like grownups do!

More continuing buzz surrounds

Transformers toys which lead the pack of sci-fi entries along with the equally popular Bakugan Brawlers.

Spawned by the popular anime TV series.

Harry Potter paraphernalia also continues to be a must-have, while anything to do with High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Webkinz and the Bratz Pack (for the under-13 crowd) continues to join Dora the Explorer, Power Rangers, and the latest computer video games as perennial favorites year after year.

In the hi-tech multimedia, as we know nothing else beats the ever popular:

Nintendo Wii system and all the action-packed video games that are really popular with kids of all ages and teens.


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