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The Best EV Training Guide for Pokemon ORAS

Updated on April 6, 2016

What Are EVs?

Effort Values are characteristics which give advantages to a Pokémon’s stats and improve differently depending on which Pokémon they defeat, as well as what items you use on your Pokémon. Pokémon are limited to a total of 252 EVs per stat, and 510 EVs in total. If you use Vitamins on your Pokémon, they can raise EVs by up to 100 points per Stat, which is why you can’t use more than 10 of any certain Vitamin on one Pokémon. When they are earned by defeating Pokémon, they are awarded equally to every Pokémon that participated in defeating the Pokémon, unless it is a battle in which your Pokémon do not earn experience. If you have your Exp. Share turned on, then every Pokémon that isn’t fainted gains EVs as well as experience.

How to Gain EVs

Let’s say you defeat a Caterpie. Caterpie gives 1 HP EV, and if you have your Exp. Share on, then every Pokémon in your party earns 1 HP EV. For every 4 EVs earned, your Pokémon's stat will go up one point. so if you defeat 4 Caterpies, then your Pokémon will earn 1 base stat point, which equals 1 stat point at level 100, and proportional at lower levels (8 EVs equal 1 stat point at level 50, etc.) If you give one of your Pokémon an HP Up, they gain 10 HP EVs. If you use a Health Wing on your Pokémon, they will gain 1 HP EV. If you use a Berry that raises friendship with your Pokémon, say we use a Pomeg Berry, then it will decrease your HP EVs by 10 points. If your Pokémon has Pokérus, then that doubles the amount of EVs earned in battle. It does not, however, increase any EVs gained outside of battle, like from Vitamins or Wings. If you give your Pokémon a Macho Brace, that also doubles EVs earned in battle. If you use a more specific Power Item, then the effects described will double. If the Macho Brace is stacked with Pokérus, then that Pokémon will earn 4x as many EVs from battle. So if you defeat Caterpie now, you will earn 4 HP EVs! However, the effects of the Power Items only apply to the Pokémon holding it, so your Exp. Share does not pass on those effects to the other Pokémon. Also, Pokérus only doubles EVs for Pokémon who are currently affected with it. After your Pokémon get over the Pokérus, they will no longer receive double EVs in battle. If you put your Pokémon in the PC Boxes before midnight, however, they will still be affected with Pokérus the next day.

There is also the option of Super Training your Pokémon, which allows you to increase your Pokémon’s individual stats of your choosing by using the super training regimens, which also award you training bags at the end of each session. Different Training Bags can be used to increase your Pokémon’s EVs, strategically prepare for the next training regimen, increase Friendship, or reset all your Pokémon’s EVs to 0.

This is Madness!  This... is.... Super Training!!!!
This is Madness! This... is.... Super Training!!!!

Items that Increase EVs

HP- HP Up, Power Weight, Health Wing

Attack- Protein, Power Bracer, Muscle Wing

Defense- Iron, Power Belt, Resist Wing

Special Attack- Calcium, Power Lens, Genius Wing

Special Defense- Zinc, Power Band, Clever Wing

Speed- Carbos, Power Anklet, Swift Wing

This Dude sells Vitamins at half price!
This Dude sells Vitamins at half price!

Items that Decrease EVs, but Increase Friendship

HP- Pomeg Berry

Attack- Kelpsy Berry

Defense- Qualot Berry

Special Attack- Hondew Berry

Special Defense- Grepa Berry

Speed- Tamato Berry

Last Notes

There is a woman in the Slateport Market standing next to the man who sells Vitamins at a discount, who will award your Pokémon with an Effort Ribbon if they have maxed their EVs to 510 points. Even if you use a stat-reducing item, like a Berry, the Ribbon won’t disappear. Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read this article, and I hope it helps! Happiny Gaming, everyone!

This is the Lady who will give your fully-trained Pokémon an Effort Ribbon
This is the Lady who will give your fully-trained Pokémon an Effort Ribbon

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