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The Best Gaia Online Sweaters

Updated on November 22, 2013

I have a confession. I have an unhealthy relationship with - sweaters. Yes, I just love sweaters! In any color or cut, I think sweaters are cute on women and handsome on men. Whether you are young or old, a sweater is a classic top that looks great. Now, it never fails that the clothing I like in real life becomes something I want for my avatar on Gaia Online. So I have built up a pretty nice sweater collection! If you are like me and want all the best Gaia Online sweaters for your avatar, check these options out.

14th Street

This item is actually inspired by the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so it doesn't just have a sweater. It also has some Freddy Krueger claws and a hat! But the sweater is the gem of this item, with cute stripes. It will go with any casual outfit!

Blood Wine Turtleneck Sweater

This is my favorite one of these turtleneck sweaters. I love the deep purple color. The same style also comes in charcoal, dark slate, and dark umber. I like these sweaters because they are a little formal and dramatic.

Blu Cotton Stripe Sweater

This is just a basic striped sweater! I like the blue stripes best, but you can also get one with yellow stripes or one with orange stripes. These are cheap in the gold stores and they are great for any avatar outfit.

Brown Argyle Sweater

I love argyle! So obviously I love this sweater! The brown one is my favorite, but you can also get this sweater in blue, black, green, and red. You can get these sweaters at the H.R. Wesley shop.

Brown Longsleeve Baggy Shirt

Ok, this one doesn't say sweater but it sure looks like one! There are a few of these baggy tops available. I like the brown, but you can also get it in 'moss' and 'rust' colors. It's a pretty basic top that you can get for cheap.

Burnt Umber Phat Sweater

Another easily purchased sweater. This one is available at Gambino Outfitters and it comes in this color, burnt umber, or dark green or dark red. It's a nice, oversized sweater that looks pretty casual. I love it with a pair of jeans!


This is a special evolving item that just happens to have a super cute sweater! The item is based on stuff like webs from spiders to create some really cool items. This sweater is the color of webs and is it pretty preppy.

The Director

This item takes its look from a movie director. There are a few different avatar option in it, but the sweater is obviously the best one. It is a tight fitting sweater complete with a sheer scarf. Very chic!

Doufu Hua

This very expensive item has a super cute oversized sweater. It's alternate color version, Chilled Doufu Hua, also has this sweater. While the sweater is what we are looking at here, the item also has hair, glasses, and more.

Frosted Affection

More argyle, yay! This sweater is found with a bunch of other options. This item is super cute and also has earmuffs, a scarf, a coat, and more. It's pretty much perfect for making a bundled up avatar!

Jack'd Sweater 2k6

Hooray, a Halloween sweater! I love that it is not over the top, like a lot of the Jack series items. This one is just perfect and looks so comfortable. You can find it in the marketplace if someone is selling it, since it was released in the 2006 event.

Jittery Jill

I love this sweater! It is a little baggy and the bright colors are so great. Technically, it's label as 'blouse' but it is clearly a sweater. This item has other stuff too, including cute hairpiece and a short skirt.

Jumper Collection

This item is so great because it is literally just a collection of sweaters! You get five different styles, including this preppy one which I love. You also get some other poses, including a jar of jam, a mess of sweaters, and jam all over your face.

Junior Professor

This is such a bright and bubble sweater, I love it! This item also includes a bag, pants, bangs, and a hat. It's got a really nice color scheme of orange and brown, but I think it's worth it for the sweater alone.

Lite Rainbow

I love this long sweater! The white is really nice, and the touch of color gives it something unique. This rainbow themed item also comes with a hat and a bag, so you don't just get one avatar option.

Loli Pop

I love the off-the-shoulder look of this pink sweater. This item is sweet as candy and also has a lollipop, shorts, shoes, and a hairstyle for your avatar. It's pretty unique, so this one is worth the gold!


This item is all about super cute pandas! It comes with a lot more than just this sweater, too. You'll get some eye mods, hair, a belt, pants, dresses and tops, undergarments, and more! It's super versatile and of course the sweater is really unique.

Polar Tear

I love this one! The colors are so cute and they remind me of winter with family. This item has a lot more too, including hair, a scarf, boots, a background for your avatar, and more. It's a nice winter item.

Red Classroom Sweater Vest

This is a stand-alone sweater, and it's very cute. It looks like it has a hood attached to it. You can get it in other colors too, including blue and tan (which is totally yellow). It's affordable and easily acquired.

Swanky Gent

This item has a lot of different stuff for guy avatars, but the sweater looks great on anyone. It also has a really cute scarf. It has an awesome hat, pants, hair, and a coat. Of course, anyone can use the item!

Ted & Dusky

I like this plain, gray sweater. It has extra long sleeves and looks very comfortable! The item also comes with a few other things, including a hood, a teddy bear, and matching pants.

Ugly Orphan Sweater

No, this isn't ugly! It's so cute and looks well-loved! I think it's great for a casual avatar, but even this ratty sweater will cost you. It was only available though a special event back in 2007.

Winter Snow Flake Sweater

There are a few different options in the "Snow Sweater" category. There are three different colors - Snow Flake is white, Wind Snow is blue, and Green Snow is, well, green. I like the white one best, it looks fresh and clean.

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