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The Best Games for Low to Mid Performance Laptops and PC's

Updated on January 9, 2013

PC Gaming

In recent years console gaming has leapt to an extreme level. Now a multi-million pound market, Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation 3 are on the same level as the biggest blockbuster films and most popular television shows in the media sector. The great thing about consoles is that each "generation" plays the same level of game quality meaning no body misses out on the best games.

The PC gaming market has always been on-par with that of consoles if not on a higher level of quality, graphics and innovation yet it is a shame that the best graphics require laptops and PC's that cost in excess of £/$1000 to purchase. In this article I hope to introduce a few games that you can play even on a computer that is falling apart so that even those of us who cannot afford the best computer can still be a part of the computer gaming community.

The Total War Franchise

Without a doubt one of the greatest PC gaming franchises to exist, Activision's Total War series has won numerous awards as well as a fiercely loyal and enthusiastic fan base. What makes the Total War Games so fantastic is their scale and realism. If you ever wanted to control vast legions of the Roman Empire or put an end to Napoleon's shenanigans in 19th century Europe; these games are perfect for you.

The Total War games put you in the command of vast armies throughout history dependant on the game you purchase and play (and what's to stop you getting all of them?). On the single player campaign you have the opportunity to expand your chosen nation to conquer the entire world whilst the offer of multiplayer battles allows you to pitch your strategic skill against that of players across the globe in both historically accurate engagements or skirmishes created on your say. With a huge range of games on offer and the chance to take over the world there is little to put you off the Total War franchise.

Perfect for Any PC

The Total War franchise thankfully offers a huge range of games so that those with the worst computer can still get the chance to play. One of the older games of the franchise, Rome Total War, offers the chance to take control of the Roman Empire with minimal pressure applied to your laptop or computers graphics. What is more is that despite its age Rome Total War still attracts a loyal fan base who regularly play online battles in which up to 8 players can take part. For those with a computer that can handle a slight graphical upgrade from Rome, Medieval 2 Total War gives the player an insight into the brutality of Middle Age warfare in Europe. Although requiring higher graphical and video capabilities than Rome this game will still run brilliantly on 3GB RAM and a low budget graphics card.

Higher up the scale, Empire Total War introduces players to the 18th century and is the first Total War game to offer playable naval battles. Although requiring decent graphics if you want to play the game to its full potential, I play the game happily enough on a 2 year old £400 Acer Aspire 5551 and though it doesn't look HD its more than enough to keep me entertained for hours on end.

Company of Heroes

The Company of Heroes game is perhaps one of the most well known World War 2 games available on computers. With a huge range of downloadable content that expands the games playable missions as well as the all important online multiplayer capability this game is perfect for somebody who wants a strategical World War 2 game that doesn't require an expensive or high quality computer to be played upon. Company of Heroes grants players the chance to take control of infantry squads, engineer squads, light vehicles, heavy vehicles, tanks, artillery, machine gun emplacements and so much more in a bid to attack or defend various strategic points. With a fantastic story mode taking you through the dangers faced by American Paratroopers dropped into occupied France this challenging game has much to offer. With the opportunity to download the two expansions "Tales of Valour" and "Opposing Fronts" you have the chance to play alternative US campaigns as well as playing as the British and Germans.

Without a doubt this is a must have game for those of you who have a love for World War 2 history and games that require strategic knowledge and fast reactions. With minimal graphical demand this game runs well on £400+ laptops and £300+ PCs with 2/3GB RAM and a budget graphics card.

Battle for Middle Earth

A final game, slightly on the older side and requiring very little in the way of graphics, is perfect for those who are more into fantasy adventure than historical strategy. The Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth is a beautiful game that allows you to take control of the entire fellowship as they head for Mordor to destroy the ring. With brilliant looking graphics for such an old game this masterpiece requires the most basic of computers to play decently. A 1GB RAM, 1.3GHz processor would run this game perfectly meaning a computer valued around £200 would be more than capable in running this game.

Allowing a chance to play as both good and evil the game takes you through the whole of Tolkein's trilogy as imagined by Peter Jackson's incredible films. Control the balrog, eagles, flying Nazgul as well as all the heroes and villains you could imagine. Couple this with an inntuative battle system reminiscent of Age of Empires requiring you to destroy the enemies camp means as well as demanding little from your computer, this game demands little from you except your enjoyment.


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