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The Best Mafia Wars Tools And Resources

Updated on August 23, 2010

The Best Mafia Wars Tools And Resources

Mafia wars is a level based game which is broken down into few key objectives that require careful decision making. The game has economic engine which rewards the player for making smart choice, and coverts the earnings into passive income. The game is quite addictive, and is easy to play. To start with, join Mafia wars in the group Facebook and appoint as many players as you can get.

To defend yourself from attacks, you need strong weapons, and hence buy these weapons and some other cheap options as well. In order to unblock objects bonus, get more employment levels. Mafia Mike’s pay very well, and hence make a huge Mafia Mike’s franchise by buying its speakeasy joints. Loot is very valuable in Mafia Wars, and there are many ways to collect it.

Be aware that during the game you can be hitlisted if you attack the same player many times, and if repeated too often, this can cost you experience points, making a serious dent in the progress or your game. Another useful tip to win at Mafia wars is to stay fully invested by participating in the real estate to maximum extent, and reap the mounting earnings. Before logging out, sweep the cash account and put entire cash that is left after purchasing all the properties the character can afford into the bank. Eventually, the character needs to do all jobs starting from the lowly street thug, and all the way up to boss, but skim the most lucrative jobs first as this helps build the property income much faster.

In the mafia, work hard, fight continually, rob gratuitously, work the hitlist for additional bonus cash and spend every stamina point whenever you can so that the earnings keep increasing. While playing the game, do not spend foolishly on exotic vehicles, bonus crates, crafy weapons and Limited Edition Loot. Half your mafia group should use Bloody Chainsaws, and rest half should possess Chain Guns. The character must do all the jobs and slowly rise to the status of the boss, hence skin the lucrative jobs first as this helps players to make their property income faster.

Bookmark the attacks that fetch you maximum amount of cash, and then attack them often.  Level 1-4 for auto theft, level 5-8 for bank heist, level 9-12 for museum break in and level 13-17 for wiretapping the cops are the best early cash and experience jobs.


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