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The Best N64 Games You Played as a Kid

Updated on February 11, 2016

The Top 10 List of N64

The N64! Who didn't love playing those games back in the mid to late 1990s?! One of the first true 3D consoles, Nintendo 64 changed the game of, well, games forever! The other day I came across a couple of my old games from the N64 and wanted to share them with you here on my blog. It's still a tech topic right?!

10. Turok the Dinosaur Hunter

An early first person shooter game. I remember the levels being harder to jump from rock to rock than it was to kill a dino.

9. MLB

Playing the Home Run Derby was always my favorite.

8. Wave Race 64

Similar to a game later on this list, Wave Race 64 made me always want to take that beach vacation.

7. Diddy Kong Racing

I'd always love choosing the plane to fly in this racing game!

6. Donkey Kong 64

Who couldn't stop playing the barrel throwing Donkey Kong!

5. Zelda

All Zelda games, even on Game Boy, were awesome! They combined action and adventure with a puzzle which kept you playing.

4. Star Fox 64

The Rumble Pak really took this game to another level as you battled as Star Fox alongside his 3 friends to save the galaxy.

3. Super Mario 64

The original N64 game. It came with the console most times and always keep you entertained with what seemed like endless levels.

2. Goldeneye 007

This game always got competitive against my friends! Another original first person shooter game, the violent graphics and Rumble Pak were a perfect combination.

1. Mario Kart 64

A game that I am not ashamed to play to this day, Mario Kart 64 is legendary. It is a game that has been remade in more recent consoles but nothing beat the N64 version.


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