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The Best Software For Making Apps

Updated on September 17, 2012

Make Money From Phone Apps

Both the younger and the older generation are now noticing the explosion relating to applications on smartphones. Smartphones are owned by most of the population as of 2012, with popular brands of phone being Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung. If you own an iPhone or another type of smartphone that works with applications, you will understand the amount of excitement, traffic and MONEY that these apps can generate.

The big question is, did you know that you could make money when you learn how to make apps for free?

When you know how to make free apps using app software, you can attract a target audience while doing what you love. Lots of people have even managed to make a living from discovering how to make apps for the app store and if you work hard enough, this could be you too!

One Application Creator Who Hit It Big Time

Name: Rovio

App: Angry Birds

Net Worth: $1.2 billion (and growing)

Rovio created Angry Birds in the month of December in the year 2009. The app has been downloaded more than 12 million times in the Apple App Store. Now, the game has been created for games consoles and other platforms, which has ultimately increased sales levels. This success has led to Rovio developing more apps, which could see his net worth increasing steadily for the future.

10 Types Of Software To Use For Making Money In The App Store

  1. AppIncubator - Simply submit your ideas and wait for the app to be developed! It's as easy as that! The company will profit though, but with this easy process you can have a successful iPhone application in no time!
  2. AppBreeder - No matter what kind of app you want to create, you can do it with AppBreeder. AppBreeder allows you to choose from 'app kits', so you can put any app together with ease.
  3. Kanchoo - Use the online tools supplied by Kanchoo to create a news orientated app. The website for Kanchoo is down so any queries can be sent to:
  4. Sweb Apps - If you are worried about the coding involved to create an app, worry no more because with Sweb Apps, anyone can create apps for the app store. Choose from backgrounds, icons and buttons to customize your application.
  5. BuildAnApp - If your business is in need of growth, BuildAnApp will suit you. This DIY app-builder will allow you to integrate company logos to personalize an app that reaches your target audience.
  6. MyAppBuilder - If you love the iPhone Apple App Store, you will adore the MyAppBuilder service. You can make an iPhone app where you simply upload what you want to include in your app.
  7. eBookApp - If you haven't already noticed, eBook's are taking the online world by storm, so join in on the fun by using the eBookApp. PDF, PDB and RTF are examples of the formats that this platform supports and if you visit the website, you can request a quote.
  8. MobBase - MobBase is another software designed for app creation. This is suited to bands and those with a more musical approach.
  9. GameSalad - GameSalad would suit you if you love games. This software will help you to follow in the footsteps of the Angry Birds creator and make a game that everyone loves.
  10. MobileRoadie - Finally, there is MobileRoadie. If you use this software, you can make an app and integrate social networking too, which is a great way to get feedback on your creation!


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