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The Boomerang-A Well Known Symbol Of Australia

Updated on April 9, 2017

The Boomerang Is One Of Man's Oldest Weapons

The boomerang is a flat piece of wood that is curved, and when it gets thrown, it will spin, and return to the thrower. The extraordinary boomerang is one of man’s oldest weapons. Some of the aborigines in Australia use the boomerang regularly as a hunting weapon, and as a plaything. Some aborigines have become so skillful with the boomerang that they throwingly send their boomerangs round a tree, 120 to 130 yards away. On these throws the boomerang speeds forward at 50 miles an hour or more, and it spins so amazingly fast that it’s almost unbelievable. At a height of about 21 feet, it wheels round the tree in a wide curve, and then it starts back, accumulating speed and whizzes like a gigantic top. It then lands at the thrower’s feet, and it really is an awesome sight.

A Well -Known Symbol Of Australia

The Boomerang Is A Unique Invention

The boomerangs used by the aborigines to perform these absolute amazing feats are about 18 inches to three feet long. The angle between the arms range from 90 to 120 degrees. Upon examining this ancient weapon, you’ll see that one arm is a few inches longer than the other, though both weigh the same. One side is cambered, or rounded, and the other side is flat. The cambered shape of the arms causes “lift,” but because the boomerang leaves the thrower’s hand in a vertical position, the “lift” pulls it to one side in a curving path that takes it back to the thrower.

Boomerang Throwing Is An Art

The boomerang is most definitely a unique and amazing invention with such complex aerodynamic principles. Some people think that it evolved from an earlier weapon, the curved throwing stick. The curved throwing stick is longer and heavier, and on both sides it is flat. It swerves in flight, but unfortunately, it does not return. Its weighty blades revolves at high-speed and it flies very swift and low right after being thrown at ground game or surfacing fish. A throwing stick can reach a distance of up to 250 yards, and it can also strike down two or three kangaroos in one throw.

Remarkable achievements with the return boomerang needs exceptional expertise, and brilliant performers spend many hours a day practicing. For them, it is well worth the effort. Boomerang throwing is an art, and it has become quite popular. Some people throw the boomerang just for enjoyment, and for some lovely relaxation.

Boomerang Throwing Has Become Quite Popular

There Are Boomerangs In Different Sizes And Shapes

  • Boomerangs were being made since 5000 B.C.
  • King Tutankhamun had a few boomerang shaped sticks and throwing sticks with him in his tomb.
  • It is quite remarkable that there are boomerangs that are left handed, and boomerangs that are right handed.
  • 3 to 6 ounces (80 to 180 grams) is what a typical boomerang weighs.
  • 160 yards (144 meters) is the astonishing distance that a boomerang can reach, with a complete return.
  • Up to 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour)is the startling speed which a boomerang can reach.
  • Around the globe, over 20 000 people compete in boomerang competitions.
  • There are boomerangs in different sizes and shapes.
  • Boomerangs have been used for a whole lot of different purposes. Some people throw it for fun, and others practice their throwing skills for competitions, and it can also be used for hunting.

Throwing A Boomerang Is Great Fun

Taking Part In Boomerang Competitions Is A Great Hobby

In the hands of a well-trained person, the boomerang is a wonderful and very interesting plaything, but it can also be a deadly weapon, a whirling death following its target at frightening speed.

The flight of a well-thrown boomerang is absolutely awesome, and watching it soar like a falcon, and then plunging forcefully is a totally beautiful and unforgettable experience. Practicing to throw a boomerang and taking part in boomerang competitions is really fun, and it is a very unique and interesting hobby.


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